Special FINAL FANTASY XI Eleventh Anniversary Campaign! (11/11/2013)

Enjoy XI on 11/11!
Be in XIth heaven on 11/11!

We have prepared a whopping eleven special events in celebration of FINAL FANTASY XI's eleventh anniversary!

Campaign Period

Monday, November 11, 2013 at 3:00 a.m. (PST) to Monday, November 25 at the same hour.

Event Details

1.) Increased seal drop rate event
The drop rate for all seals, included the sacred kindred's crests added in the November version update, will be increased based on the number of adventurers in your party-up to a maximum of six!

2.) Double synthesis skill increase rate events
The rate of increase for synthesis skills will be doubled during these recurring events!
* These events will only be available during certain times of the day. If they prove popular, we will continue holding them in the future!
Times when double synthesis skill increase rate events will be held (Earth time):
3:00 a.m. – 5:00 a.m. (PST)
12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m

3.) Double Skirmish simulacra segment drop rate event
The rate at which Skirmish simulacra segments drop from colonization and lair reives will be doubled!

4.) Mog Gardens Event (1)
The number of shining stars earned by entering your Mog Garden will be doubled!

5.) Mog Gardens Event (2)
Your faithful moogle friend inside your Mog Garden will sell the following seeds and fertilizer:

Golden Seed Pouch / Chestnut Tree Sap / Monarch Beetle Saliva

6.) Double Salvage plan drop rate event
The rate at which plans for Salvage II drop will be doubled!

7.) Double experience event
The amount of experience earned by adventurers and their fellows will be doubled!
* This experience gain adjustment will not apply to Abyssea areas.
* This bonus will stack with the effects of Dedication.
* Experience earned by clearing content and using specific items will not be affected.

8.) Double Monstrosity experience event
Experience earned by monipulators will be doubled!
* Monipulators are unable to receive the effects of Dedication. Be advised that possessing a monster while under the effects of Dedication will remove those effects.

9.) Abyssea event
During this event, a blue treasure chest will appear near Horst in Port Jeuno (H-8). Opening it will confer the benefits listed below. Furthermore, players journeying to Abyssea during the event will have their default values for pearlescent, azure, golden, and silvery lights set to 100.
- Eleven types of atma
- One piece of lunar abyssite
- 100,000 cruor
* Those who have received these rewards previously will be unable to do so again.

10.) Repeat Login Campaign
We will be holding our fifth Repeat Login Campaign during this period.
Proceed for details.

11.) Seals battlefield event—additional items dropped
During the event, vanquishing specific monsters in the following battlefields will reward you with a variety of items, including materials needed to create +2 empyrean equipment, Mog Bonanza kupons, Dynamis currency, synthesis materials, and more!

Available Battlefield Name Entry Restrictions Monsters
Phobos Orb
(30 Kindred's
Horlais Peak Kindergarten Cap All Levels
15 minutes
3 person party
Malodorous Mort
Waughroon Shrine The Palborough Project All Levels
15 minutes
3 person party
Balga's Dais The V Formation All Levels
15 minutes
3 person party
Deimos Orb
(50 Kindred's
Horlais Peak Last Orc-Shunned Hero All Levels
30 minutes
6 person party
Bruteborn Krushkosh
Bonesetter Medokvok
Crackshot Zwogchog
Wyvernking Dragzagg
Waughroon Shrine Shell Shocked All Levels
30 minutes
6 person party
Ga'Khu Bloodglee
Ro'Mho Unrelenting
Vu'Dhe Impervious
Zi'Pha Foecrippler
Balga's Dais Avian Apostates All Levels
30 minutes
person party
Kaa Xhei the Doomsayer
Pha Groxo the Aloof
Xee Khoyi the Shrouded
Zuu Feya the Impassive
Chamber of Oracles Dragon Scales All Levels
30 minutes
6 person party
Sacrificial Chamber Whom Wilt Thou Call All Levels
30 minutes
6 person party
Grievous Gozar
Puffy Marshmaw
Slimey Simeon
Zymotic Zuulie
Zelos Orb (30 High Kindred's Crests) Boneyard Gully Agnostic Ambuscade All Levels
15 minutes
6 person party
Bearclaw Pinnacle Taurassic Park All Levels
15 minutes
6 person party
Predataur x 5
Bia Orb
(50 High
Kindred's Crests)
Mine Shaft #2716 The Mobline Comedy All Levels
15 minutes
6 person party
Monarch Linn Spatial Displacement All Levels
15 minutes
6 person party

Item Delivery!

Starting on Monday, November 11, 2013, the M.H.M.U. will be sending alliance shirts to all characters! It may take up to ten days (Earth time) for rewards to be distributed, so the Moogles kindly ask for your patience.

- Items will be delivered to characters that have been created as of Sunday, November 10, 2013.
- Players that have utilized the world transfer service without receiving their rewards will have them lost to the aether, rendering them wholly irretrievable. Make sure to claim your goods before transferring.
- If you have 256 items or more waiting in your delivery box, you may be unable to receive your reward.
- If you return an item, you will be unable to claim it.