Announcing the Adventurer Appreciation Campaign! (10/28/2014)

Get your bags in order, stalwart adventurers, for those who had active PlayOnline/FINAL FANTASY XI service accounts via a SQUARE ENIX account between September 1, 2014, and October 31 will be receiving some lovely in-game items!

Eligibility Period

Monday, September 1, 2014 to Friday, October 31

* Those who were paying customers for even one day during the eligibility period are eligible. (free time periods are not counted.)
* Those currently on a free trial are ineligible.
* Characters from whom world transfers are necessary but have not yet undertaken the applicable procedures are also ineligible.
* Players who change worlds after October 31 but before the items are handed out forfeit their right to claim them.
* Players must migrate from a PlayOnline ID to a SQUARE ENIX account (read on for details about the relevant procedures.)

In-game Gifts

Red mog pells will be delivered by mail to eligible characters with accounts active during the above period, and can be exchanged for in-game items via Festive Moogles. Read on for the list of available items.

* Festive Moogles may be found near Mog Houses in the following locations
Port San d'Oria (J-9) / Windurst Walls (C-14) / Port Bastok (J-13)
* Characters for whom at least fourteen days have not passed since character creation are unable to exchange mog pells for items.