Special Anniversary Battle Event: A Feast Most Dire (11/09/2015)

From Wednesday, November 11th (XI Day), grab hold of Bahamut-themed gear and, if eligible, take part in a special battlefield to pit your wits and mettle against the worst wyrm the world has yet to witness!

Event Period

From Tuesday, November 10 at 7:00 a.m. (PST) to Monday, November 30 at 6:59 a.m. (PST).

How to Participate

Begin by inspecting the Mystic Upswell in the following locations and acquiring the Wyrmking Masque and Wyrmking Suit.

West Ronfaure (I-6) / South Gustaberg (J-7) / West Sarutabaruta (J-8)

After equipping both items, inspect the Mystic Upswell again and select "Get moogle magicked." The resulting enchantment will allow you to confront the dreadwyrm.
*When under the effect of the moogle magic, your level will be restricted to level five.
*To remove the enchantment, inspect the Mystic Upswell and select "Have moogle magic removed."

Reaping the Spoils

During the battle, earn kupoints by dealing damage to the dreadwyrm and healing friendly PCs or NPCs. Kupoints can then be exchanged at the Mystic Upswell for a variety of prizes. In addition to special fireworks, prizes include ciphers of Kupofried's alter ego, as well as key items required to access the most coveted battlefields.