A Word to All of Vana'diel's Adventurers (12/15/2015)

Greetings, adventurers! Matsui here.

I'd like to talk a little about our plans for FINAL FANTASY XI going forward on the development and management side of things.

So that adventurers can always look forward to a fresh and ever-changing Vana'diel, we will be continuing monthly version updates past April. Look out for new updates every month focused on battle and story content.

On the battle side of things, we will be adding new battle varieties each month to keep up the scale and ferocity of the epic battlefields enjoyed thus far viable for a wide range of jobs and play styles. Of course, we also have smaller content planned for solo and Trust-based play.

Fresh story content is also in the works to flesh out the lives of Vana'diel's many inhabitants. New Records of Eminence objectives will offer adventurers glimpses into these characters' side stories.

To ensure that adventuring through Vana'diel stays as fun and frustration-free as possible, we will continue to balance battle content and make adjustments and quality of life improvements wherever we can. We will also be continuing to run login and other campaigns in keeping with the needs and wants of the community.

We are currently busy preparing for monthly updates in the run-up to April, including a version update slated for February, which will introduce new augments for Relic, Mythic, Empyrean, and Ergon weapons.

As our plans for next year begin to solidify, we are growing increasingly excited for 2016 in Vana'diel. The team and I are committed to keep the magic of Vana'diel alive and will be putting in our hearts and souls to ring in another new and exciting year for FINAL FANTASY XI.

We wish you all a happy and safe holiday season and hope to see you all in Vana'diel in 2016!

Akihiko Matsui