From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team
Besieged Adjustments (02/20/2007)

In the upcoming version update, we plan to make further adjustments to Besieged, including a level increase to the beastman armies, the addition of new temporary items, and new combat abilities for the Serpent Generals.

Beastman Army Level Increase

In addition to the maximum value for enemy forces being increased to 170, level 7 units comprised of new monster types will be introduced for each beastman army.
Be sure to participate in Besieged to discover what deadly new opponents threaten the Imperial capital!

New Temporary Items

To coincide with the threat of powerful new enemies, the variety of temporary items distributed at the beginning of every Besieged will also be expanded.
These new items will have an offensive focus, and their availability will depend on which NPCs have been taken captive and the overall condition of the Imperial defense.

Serpent General Abilities

The Serpent Generals will each receive unique new combat abilities to use during Besieged.
Join the fight against the beastmen alongside these inspiring leaders!