15th Vana'versary Records of Eminence Objectives Part One (07/03/2017)

We're pleased to announce a new set of Records of Eminence objectives brimming with anniversary spirit!

The overarching theme of these objectives is nostalgia—the team will add multiple objectives spread over five different version updates, with each objective hearkening back to memories of Vana'diel that we hope many of you have shared over the years.

The first set of objectives revolves around the three nations and the game's original release, so adventurers who have been with us from the very beginning will likely recognize some of the events to which these objectives are referring. Even if you didn't play FINAL FANTASY XI in its first few years, we hope you take the time to experience a little slice of what Vana'diel was like back in the early 2000s.

Event period

From the version update on Wednesday, July 5, 2017, to the version update in May 2018.


15th Vana'versary Records of Eminence objectives can be set from the Records of Eminence menu after completion of the objective First Step Forward.
Those quests marked as "(Weekly)" may only be completed once per week, and reset when Conquest points are tallied.

Receiving the respective key items requires completion of the objectives displayed at the very top. These objectives will yield different rewards and become weekly objectives after they have been completed for the first time.

15th Vana'versary objectives will remain available after the May 2018 version update, but their rewards will change and you will no longer be able to obtain dial keys #ANV.

Setting the Objectives

1. Select the objective list from the Quests menu.

2. Select "Vana'versary" from the list of categories.

3. Select "15th Vana'versary I." Note that future objectives will have additional subcategories.

4. Set the objective of your choice.


Completing an objective will yield certain rewards.

- Dial Key #ANV
These keys may be used to open the Gobbie Mystery Box anniversary dial by speaking with NPCs in the following locations.

Mystrix in Southern San d'Oria (L-7) / Habitox in Port San d'Oria (I-10) / Bountibox in Bastok Mines (K-9) / Specilox in Bastok Markets (I-7) / Arbitrix in Windurst Walls (C-14) / Funtrox in Windurst Woods (G-7) / Priztrix in Upper Jeuno (I-10) / Sweepstox in Lower Jeuno (I-6) / Wondrix in Aht Urhgan Whitegate (F-11) / Rewardox in Western Adoulin (H-10) / Winrix in Eastern Adoulin (G-10)

The anniversary dial may occasionally yield items and equipment not ordinarily found in the special dial.
* You may open the anniversary dial even after the May 2018 version update as long as you possess a dial key #ANV.

- Ancient Melody
This key item has no particular use at the moment, but might have something special associated with it when combined with other key items to be added in future version updates.