Good Omens Campaign (08/25/2017)

The following campaigns will commence on Monday, September 11, at 1:00 a.m. (PDT)

Campaign Period: Monday, September 11, at 1:00 a.m. (PDT) to Saturday, September 30, at 7:59 a.m.

Increased Seal and Crest Drop Rate Campaign

The rate at which seals and crests are dropped is increased based on the number of members in the party up to a maximum of six seals.

Mog Gardens Campaign

Mog Gardens will undergo the following modifications throughout the duration.
- The number of shining stars received when entering a Mog Garden will be doubled.
- Different items will wash ashore.
- Items may be harvest from Monster Rearing twice per day.
- The following items will be sold in the gardens specially throughout the duration.
  Golden Seed Pouch / Chestnut Tree Sap / Monarch Beetle Saliva
  Bronze Bed / Mahogany Bed / Noble's Bed / Goblin Stew 880

Wildskeeper Reive Campaign

During this campaign, wildskeeper reives will undergo the following changes to make them more accessible.
- The required fame and bayld cost of the key item required to participate have been reduced.
- Enemies will drop two pinches of high-purity bayld.
- Enemies will drop Mog Kupons AW-WK
- The respawn times for the following notorious monsters have been reduced.
Colkhab / Tchakka / Achuka / Yumcax / Hurkan / Kumhau

Campaign Festa

Campaign will undergo the following adjustments throughout the event.
- Experience and allied notes earned from evaluations will be doubled.
- The amount of spoils obtained from treasure chests when participating in unions will be increased.

Furthermore, earn special rewards, including montiont silverpieces, 100-byne bills, Lungo-Nango jadeshells, and more from the following four Campaign Ops, in addition to their normal spoils.
- Splitting Heirs
- Cracking Shells
- Plucking Wings
- Fiat Lux

Unity Wanted Campaign

During the campaign, completing Wanted I, Wanted II, and Wanted III Records of Eminence objectives will yield 2 treasure chests of each type.

Abjuration Dial Campaign

Receive a Dial Key #Ab once per day upon login! This special key can be traded to a Gobbie Mystery Box NPC in order to spin the special dial and perhaps win a valuable prize!
* Daily Tally will not be consumed upon spinning the dial.
* Only characters for whom at least 45 days have passed since character creation are eligible to use the Gobbie Mystery Box.

Monster Rearing Campaign

Reared creatures will be twice as likely to transform during the campaign.

Hyper Chocobo Digging Campaign

The time that rest pass between executing your next command after digging will be decreased.
* This does not apply if your skill is at its maximum.

Omen Job Card Campaign – PLUS!

Omen will experience the following adjustments.
* There will be a greater chance of obtaining job cards when completing main and additional objectives.
Normal monsters along direct routes will be more likely to drop job cards.

Omen Light Double-Up Campaign

Omen will experience the following adjustments.
Two Omen lights will be activated when vanquishing monsters.
* If the first light is a good one, the second will not appear.