Mineral Madness Campaign (08/29/2018)

The following campaigns will be held starting on Tuesday, September 11, at 1:00 a.m. (PDT)

Campaign Period: Tuesday, September 11, at 1:00 a.m. (PDT) to Sunday, September 30 at 7:59 a.m.

Increased Seal and Crest Drop Rate Campaign

The rate at which seals and crests are dropped is increased based on the number of members in the party up to a maximum of six seals.

Delve Campaign – PLUS

Delve will receive the following adjustments for the duration of the campaign.
- Players will earn double the usual amount of Mweya Plasm from defeating Delve monsters.
- Twice the usual amount of Mweya Plasm will drop when clearing Delve.
- Monsters may drop Airlixirs +1 and Airlixirs +2 when vanquished.

Wildskeeper Reive Campaign

During this campaign, wildskeeper reives will undergo the following changes to make them more accessible.
- The required fame and bayld cost of the key item required to participate have been reduced.
- Enemies will drop two pinches of high-purity bayld.
- Enemies will drop Mog Kupons AW-WK.
- The respawn times for the following notorious monsters have been reduced.
  Colkhab / Tchakka / Achuka / Yumcax / Hurkan / Kumhau

Alter Ego Expo

Alter egos will receive the following improvements for the duration of the campaign.
- Alter egos' Maximum HP and MP are increased by 50%.
- Alter egos have stronger resistance to status ailments.

Unity Wanted Campaign

During the campaign, completing Wanted I, Wanted II, and Wanted III Records of Eminence objectives will yield 2 treasure chests of each type.

High-Tier Mission Battlefield Campaign

The number of personal drops in the following battlefields will be increased by one, and players will receive either a pluton, a pluton case, a pluton box, a chunk of beitetsu, a beitetsu case, a beitetsu box, a riftborn boulder, a boulder case, or a boulder box.
  ★Ark Angels 1 / ★Ark Angels 2 / ★Ark Angels 3 / ★Ark Angels 4 / ★Ark Angels 5 /
  ★Return to Delkfutt's Tower / ★The Celestial Nexus / ★The Savage / ★The Warrior's Path /
  ★Puppet in Peril / ★Legacy of the Lost / ★Rank 5 Mission / ★Head Wind /
  ★One to be Feared / ★Dawn / ★Pentacide Perpetrator / ★Trial by Fire / ★Trial by Ice /
  ★Trial by Wind / ★Trial by Earth / ★Trial by Lightning / ★Trial by Water /
  ★The Moonlit Path / ★Waking the Beast / ★Waking Dreams
* Higher quality items will drop more frequently on higher difficulties.

Macrocosmic Orb Campaign

Vanquishing certain monsters in the following battlefields will occasionally reward players with job cards and a variety of other items. Additionally, Shemo in Port Jeuno (H-8) will convert crests and seals at a rate of 2:1 instead of 3:1.

Orb RateBattlefieldBattlefield NameEntry RestrictionsApplicable Monsters
Macrocosmic Orbs (20 Sacred Kindred's Crests)Sacrifical Chamber★Ampihibian AssaultNo level restrictions 30 minutes 6-person partyHyohh the Conchblower
Pevv the Riverleaper
Qull the Fallstopper
Rauu the Whaleswooner
★Jungle BoogymenNo level restrictions 30 minutes Six-person partySable-tounged Gonberry
Virid-faced Shanberry
Cyaneous-toed Yallberry
Vermilion-eared Noberry
Throne Room★Kindred SpiritsNo level restrictions 30 minutes Six-person partyGrand Marquis Chomiel
Duke Amduscias
Count Andromalius
Duke Dantalian
Qu'Bia Arena★Demolition SquadNo level restrictions 30 minutes Six-person partyNephiyl Moatfiller
Nephiyl Rampartbreacher
Nephiyl Keepcollapser
Nephiyl Pinnacletosser
★Brothers D'AurpheNo level restrictions 30 minutes Six-person partyVaicoliaux B D'Aurphe
Maldaramet B D'Aurphe
Disfaurit B D'Aurphe
Jeumouque B D'Aurphe
Chamber of Oracles★Legion XI ComitatensisNo level restrictions 30 minutes Six-person partySecutor XI-XXXII
Retiarius XI-XIX
Hoplomachus XI-XXVI
Centurio XI-I
Horlais Peak★Dismemberment BrigadeNo level restrictions 30 minutes Six-person partyArmsmaster Dekbuk
Longarmed Gottditt
Keeneyed AufwufI
Invulnerable Mazzgozz
Undefeatable Sappdapp
Mind's-eyed Klugwug
Waughroon Shrine★Grimshell ShocktroopersNo level restrictions 30 minutes Six-person partyYo'Bhu Hideousmask
Zo'Dhu Legslicer
Ka'Nha Jabbertongue
Bi'Fho Jestergrin
Ku'Tya Hotblood
Ea'Tho Cruelheart
Balga's Dais★Divine PunishersNo level restrictions 30 minutes Six-person partyVoo Tolu the Ghostfist
Cuu Doko the Blizzard
Zuu Xowu the Darksmoke
Gii Jaha the Raucous
Aa Nawu the Thunderblade
Yoo Mihi the Haze