Item Hunter Campaign (02/27/2019)

The following campaigns will be held starting on Monday, March 11, at 1:00 a.m. (PDT)

Campaign Period: Monday, March 11, at 1:00 a.m. (PDT) to Sunday, March 31, at 7:59 a.m.

Assault - Nyzul Isle Uncharted Area Survey Mysterious Item Campaign

During the campaign, adventurers will have a chance to acquire new mysterious items whenever defeating a notorious monster on each floor.

Delve Campaign – PLUS

Delve will receive the following adjustments for the duration of the campaign.
Players will earn double the usual amount of Mweya Plasm from defeating Delve monsters.
Twice the usual amount of Mweya Plasm will drop when clearing Delve.
Monsters may drop Airlixirs +1 and Airlixirs +2 when vanquished.

Mog Gardens Campaign

Mog Gardens will undergo the following modifications throughout the duration.
- The number of shining stars received when entering a Mog Garden will be doubled.
- Different items will wash ashore.
- Items may be harvested from Monster Rearing twice per day.
- The following items will be sold in the gardens specially throughout the duration.
  Golden Seed Pouch / Chestnut Tree Sap / Monarch Beetle Saliva
  Bronze Bed / Mahogany Bed / Noble's Bed / Goblin Stew 880

Adoulin Dial Campaign

A brand-new dial will added to the Goblin Mystery Box!
The Adoulin dial is usable once per Earth day and provides a variety of rewards specific to Seekers of Adoulin content, such as Skirmish stones and airlixirs from Delve.
Further, the chance of receiving equipment from the SP dial will be increased.
* The Adoulin dial is completely free to use.
* At least forty-five days must have passed since character creation to be eligible to use the Goblin Mystery Box.

Domain Invasion Campaign

Throughout the campaign during a Domain Invasion, no notorious monsters other than Azi Dahaka, Naga Raja, or Quetzalcoatl will spawn.

Domain Invasion Anti-Predator Campaign

The following notorious monsters will not prowl the skies throughout the duration of the campaign.
Azi Dahaka in Escha - Zi'Tah
Naga Raja in Escha - Ru'Aun

Macrocosmic Orb Campaign

Vanquishing certain monsters in the following battlefields will occasionally reward players with job cards and a variety of other items. Additionally, Shemo in Port Jeuno (H-8) will convert crests and seals at a rate of 2:1 instead of 3:1.

Orb RateBattlefieldBattlefield NameEntry RestrictionsApplicable Monsters
Macrocosmic Orbs Sacred Kindred's CrestSacrifical Chamber★Ampihibian AssaultNo level restrictions 30 minutes 6-person partyHyohh the Conchblower
Pevv the Riverleaper
Qull the Fallstopper
Rauu the Whaleswooner
★Jungle BoogymenNo level restrictions 30 minutes Six-person partySable-tounged Gonberry
Virid-faced Shanberry
Cyaneous-toed Yallberry
Vermilion-eared Noberry
Throne Room★Kindred SpiritsNo level restrictions 30 minutes Six-person partyGrand Marquis Chomiel
Duke Amduscias
Count Andromalius
Duke Dantalian
Qu'Bia Arena★Demolition SquadNo level restrictions 30 minutes Six-person partyNephiyl Moatfiller
Nephiyl Rampartbreacher
Nephiyl Keepcollapser
Nephiyl Pinnacletosser
★Brothers D'AurpheNo level restrictions 30 minutes Six-person partyVaicoliaux B D'Aurphe
Maldaramet B D'Aurphe
Disfaurit B D'Aurphe
Jeumouque B D'Aurphe
Chamber of Oracles★Legion XI ComitatensisNo level restrictions 30 minutes Six-person partySecutor XI-XXXII
Retiarius XI-XIX
Hoplomachus XI-XXVI
Centurio XI-I
Horlais Peak★Dismemberment BrigadeNo level restrictions 30 minutes Six-person partyArmsmaster Dekbuk
Longarmed Gottditt
Keeneyed AufwufI
Invulnerable Mazzgozz
Undefeatable Sappdapp
Mind's-eyed Klugwug
Waughroon Shrine★Grimshell ShocktroopersNo level restrictions 30 minutes Six-person partyYo'Bhu Hideousmask
Zo'Dhu Legslicer
Ka'Nha Jabbertongue
Bi'Fho Jestergrin
Ku'Tya Hotblood
Ea'Tho Cruelheart
Balga's Dais★Divine PunishersNo level restrictions 30 minutes Six-person partyVoo Tolu the Ghostfist
Cuu Doko the Blizzard
Zuu Xowu the Darksmoke
Gii Jaha the Raucous
Aa Nawu the Thunderblade
Yoo Mihi the Haze

Omen Light Double-Up Campaign

Omen will experience the following adjustments.
Two Omen lights will be activated when vanquishing monsters.
* If the first light is a good one, the second will not appear.