Premier Site Summit Wrap-Up (04/04/2007)

Recently we held our very first Premier Site Summit at the Square Enix offices. We invited the heads of our Premier Sites to attend an all day event where we would discuss the state of the community, strengthen our communication, and participate in some fun in-game events. Two representatives each from Allakhazam, FFXI Online, Stratics, Warcry, FFXI Vault and FFXIclopedia were in attendance, as well as the Square Enix Community team, North American Producer Yasu Kurosawa and Global Online Producer Sage Sundi. The main topic of the summit was explaining just how the Community team researches the issues that are most important to our players. We discussed how we read the forums, e-mail and in-game feedback and how we are constantly reporting the hottest topics to the appropriate people. The Premier Sites got an extremely intimate look at the work that is done behind the scenes and were able to witness just how many people are involved in keeping FINAL FANTASY XI running smoothly.

We're extremely happy with how the event went and are hoping to continue strengthening our ties to not only the Premier Sites, but the community as a whole. Take a look at the wrap up reports below for more details about every aspect of the summit.


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Site Name : FFXIclopedia

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Site Name : FFXI Online: Dreams in Vana'diel

Check out the report written by the team:
FFXI Premier Site Summit Report

Site Name : FINAL FANTASY XI Vault

Sparky at FFXI Vault created a 4-part report for the community.
Part 1:
A visit to Square Enix
Part 2: Hopping Across America
Part 3: Conference Report
Part 4: Exclusive Video: TGS Training Ground

Site Name : FINAL FANTASY XI Stratics

Warzod's report created a very intimate behind-the-scenes look at the Premier Site summit. Check it out: SQUARE ENIX Hosts Premier Summit

Site Name : FINAL FANTASY XI Warcry

Sokaku was very excited to report one of the most exciting announcements made during the summit:
Quick Trip Reveals Official Windower!