A Challenge from Lion! Part 1 Commences Today!  (11/12/2019)

Overcome the trial posed to you by Lion—your stalwart ally against the Shadow Lord—and receive a unique item!

During the event period, you will be able to try your hand at a special battlefield.

Event Period

Special Battlefield "True Love"
Starting Monday, November 11, at 7:00 a.m. (PST)
* You will be able to attempt the battlefield whenever you like as long as you possess an unused trigger item.

Location, Boss, and Entry Restrictions

Location: Throne Room/Stellar Fulcrum
Boss: Lion
One to Six-Person Party
Levels 50-99
* The battlefield difficulty will be scaled to match the lowest level party member.

Item Required for entry to True Love:

Tarazacum Orb
This item can be obtained in exchange for login points during the November 2019 Login Campaign.
* It is currently undecided if or when this item will be able to be obtained once the November 2019 Login Campaign's item exchange period has concluded.

Read on for details on the November 2019 Login Campaign.


Players who clear the battlefield will receive a special Lion-themed item.

Norgish Dagger

This battlefield comes with a corresponding Records of Eminence objective.

Part 2 of A Challenge from Lion is scheduled to start on Tuesday, November 19.
Check the website on the day of for details.