Voting for the Alter Ego Design Campaign Begins! (07/13/2020)

We'd like to thank you all for your submissions to the Alter Ego Design Campaign – One Venturous Tarutaru! With the help of adventurers like you, we may soon be able to answer the troubled Moogle's inquiries about the supposedly famous Tarutaru known as Matsui-P.

"Thanks to you adventurers, Mog has a better understanding of this Tarutaru named Matsui-P, kupo! But Mog still needs just a teeny-tiny bit more information to complete this Trust, kupo. Tell Mog which version of Matsui-P you'd like to bring along on your adventures, kupo!"

We now ask all adventurers across Vana'diel to cast your votes for the alter ego you'd like to have on your side during your adventures!
The alter ego with the most votes will be implemented in-game for a limited time!
We have some comments from the development team regarding the alter ego's in-game behaviors if implemented, which may be helpful when making your decision.

Voting is open to everyone, so feel free to cast your vote!

Voting Period

From Monday, July 13, 2020 at 1:00 a.m. to Monday, July 27, 2020 at 7:59 a.m. (PDT)

Entry Requirement

- You have a playable character in FINAL FANTASY XI (excluding Free Trial players).
- You have completed transferring your PlayOnline account to a Square Enix Account.
- You agree to the entry rules below.


What kind of features would you like to see from an alter ego?

Alter Ego Candidates

Vote for an Alter Ego from the following 3 options using their number.

1. Everyone's MP Supply

- Main Job

- Support Job

- Equipment (Appearance Only)
Right Hand) Maple Wand
Left Hand) Maple Wand
Head) Roshijinpachi
Body) Hachiryu Haramaki
Arms) Hachiryu Kote
Legs) Hachiryu Haidate
Feet) Hachiryu Sune-Ate

- Two phrase title that defines the alter ego's specialties
Everyone's MP Supply

- Alter Ego's Behavior
Accumulates TP by dual wielding clubs with short recast times to pummel enemies. Only uses Moonlight weapon skill. Uses Meditate whenever available. Enhances "Rice Ball" effect.

- Dev Comment
This alter ego would have a much larger area of effect on Moonlight!
"Enhances 'Rice Ball' effect" is an interesting idea, but would be difficult to represent in-game...

2. Fists of Magic

- Main Job

- Support Job
Red Mage

- Equipment (Appearance Only)
Right Hand) Cesti
Left Hand) Cesti
Head) Fighter's Mask
Body) Scorpion Harness
Arms) Kote
Legs) Warlock's Tights
Feet) Fighter's Calligae

- Two phrase title that defines the alter ego's specialties
Fists of Magic

- Alter Ego's Behavior
Uses Protect, Shell, Haste, and Phalanx on self.
Casts En-spells on enemies and pummels them.
Doesn't buff the player, party members, or other alter egos at all.

- Dev Comment
This alter ego would have high accuracy and damage to make it suitable as a damage dealer!

3. Elusive Caster

- Main Job

- Support Job
Black Mage

- Equipment (Appearance Only)
Right Hand) Fudo Masamune
Left Hand) Deacon Saber
Head) None
Body) Sorcerer's Coat
Arms) Hachiya Tekko
Legs) Hattori Hakama
Feet) Hachiya Kyahan

- Two phrase title that defines the alter ego's specialties
Elusive Caster

- Alter Ego's Behavior
Prioritizes elemental ninjutsu and black magic spells.
Uses katana weapon skills.
Activates skill chains and magic bursts with ninjutsu and elemental attacks.
Has Innin, Sange, Elemental Seal, Mana Wall, Aspir, Ninjutsu (San), and elemental spells.

- Dev Comment
This alter ego would be able deal lots of damage at once by using Ninjutsu to magic burst!
Mana Wall doesn't seem possible due to the support job's level...

How to Vote

Please fill out the entry form with the following required information.
- The alter ego you would like to have implemented.
  - Selection: Choose one alter ego you would like to go on an adventure with from the three available options.

* One (1) entry per Square Enix account. If multiple entries are submitted, only the last entry submitted will be accepted.
* The alter ego's equipment is for visual purposes only and will not feature the same stats.
* The development team will make adjustments based on the provided information.


The option which receives the most votes during the voting period will be implemented in-game.
Voting results is scheduled to be announced on the FINAL FANTASY XI website in September 2020.

Alter Ego Availability

From the December 2020 version update to the May 2021 version update.
* The alter ego's availability period may be subject to change.

Proceed to the voting page.