Announcing the Results of the Alter Ego Design Campaign One Venturous Tarutaru! (09/11/2020)

Thank you all for voting in the Alter Ego Design Campaign One Venturous Tarutaru!
With your help, it appears that the Moogle's questions have been answered.

"Thanks to you adventurers, I know what kind of Tarutaru Matsui-P is, kupo! Now he can go off on adventures with you, kupo! I hope you'll look forward to his alter ego, kupo!"

Out of the three options, "Elusive Caster" received the most votes!
An alter ego of Matsui-P based on this design will be available in-game for a limited time.
This alter ego is scheduled to be implemented in December 2020, so we hope you'll look forward to it!

Winning Alter Ego Design

- Main Job

- Support Job
Black Mage

- Equipment
Main: Fudo Masamune
Sub: Deacon Saber
Head: None
Body: Sorcerer's Coat
Hands: Hachiya Tekko
Legs: Hattori Hakama
Feet: Hachiya Kyahan
* The alter ego's equipment is for visual purposes only and will not feature the same stats.

- Two phrase title that defines the alter ego's specialties
Elusive Caster

- Alter Ego's Behavior
Prioritizes elemental ninjutsu and black magic spells.
Uses katana weapon skills.
Activates skill chains and magic bursts with ninjutsu and elemental attacks.
Has Innin, Sange, Elemental Seal, Mana Wall, Aspir, Ninjutsu (San), and elemental spells.
* The development team will make adjustments based on the provided information.

- Dev Comment
This alter ego would be able deal lots of damage at once by using Ninjutsu to magic burst!
Mana Wall doesn't seem possible due to the support job's level...

Voting Results

Total Number of Votes: 791 votes
  Elusive Caster (351 votes)
  Everyone's MP Supply (276 votes)
  Fists of Magic (164 votes)

Alter Ego Availability Period

December 2020 Version Update through the May 2021 Version Update
* The availability period may be subject to change.