The Special Task Force report (06/15/2007)

The Special Task Force was put together in order to minimize the damage caused by certain members of the FINAL FANTASY XI community and to improve it as a whole - for this reason, the team is committed to monitoring its status on a daily basis. Here are some of the problems within the community which we have been focusing our attention upon.
We will also give you information on our current and future activities following the formation of the Special Task Force in Sept, 2006.

1.A word from the Special Task Force regarding hot topics within the community.

Certain monsters are always being hoarded, we never get our chance.

Certain Notorious Monsters (hereto after referred to as NM) within Tu'Lia and Upper Delkufutt's Tower which drop valuable items are attracting certain groups that camp in spawn spots.
These groups use illegal means to obtain rights on the NM, unfairly preventing other players from engaging with them. These groups have also been observed chasing other players away from these and other areas.

[Special Task Force]

We have been actively pursuing players who use illegal means to camp NM since October 2006.

However, many such players would simply create a new account, level up their character and continue with the activities which got them banned in the first place. The habitual mass exclusions that were taking place were losing their effect, so we decided to increase the frequency of these. This resulted in the increase in the number of groups of players that no longer directly violate the rules, but would still camp on certain areas, preventing other players from enjoying the game. For this reason, we are directly targeting these problem groups and we plan to continue to take action against them on a monthly basis.

Players announcing the sale of valuable items at Aht Urhgan Whitegate.

Certain characters constantly announce the sale of valuable items through shouts next to Aht Urhgan Whitegate. This certainly points to the fact that your activities have not made a dent in those problem players that swarm NMs.

[Special Task Force]

We have confirmed that the selling of Item Lot Tickets is indeed the work of the players which we mentioned above. We will be taking action as of this month. We have also set up a Special Task Force address. You may contact us and inform us of any such activities if you see them happening within the game. We will investigate any such activities and take the appropriate action.

Illegal Fishing

Many characters can be observed making automated movements along the bodies of water of Vana'diel. Their numbers have decreased, but there are still several of them moving from area to area and continuing their activities. You can even see them within the towns now.

[Special Task Force]

We have implemented a plan that addresses the issue of illegal fishing many times within a month, unlike other issues we also deal with. Also, we do believe that the number of such characters has largely decreased after the introduction of the Goblin Bounty Hunter.

However, while this has had the desired effect on such players, we have also confirmed that it has taken a toll on those who simply enjoy fishing normally.

We are currently investigating ways to keep this plan in effect, maximizing the effect on players breaking the rules, while minimizing the effect against players who fish and play normally.

We also have the means to take action against almost all characters that take part in illegal fishing activities. While they may return with new accounts, we are committed to increasing the frequency of our actions against these characters and aim to reduce the overall numbers of such characters within the game.

About characters which sell Quest Items frequently

There are a lot of characters selling quest reward items for much less than they are worth and in large quantities as well. As a result, the market has changed and it has become difficult for normal players to sell their items. While action was taken in order to correct the problem, the announcement was made after the measures were in place, causing a lot of confusion among players

[Special Task Force]

After investigating this issue, it was determined that a certain group gathering items after repeatedly doing a quest would give the items to a single character, who in turn who would put the items up for auction. It was also determined that a number of these characters within these groups were using illegal means to move their characters in FINAL FANTASY XI. This has been taken care of.

Also, announcing changes made to quests after they had been enacted has become policy in order to deter other groups from causing further problems. While this may have caused some confusion among our players, we will try and avoid this in our future efforts.
After enacting these changes to the quests, we have observed a marked decrease in the number of items being repeatedly put up for sale. We are aware that this same problem may occur with other quests and we are keeping a close eye to make sure things are under control.

Real Money trading

Real Money Traders should be punished, but it is unclear how players who obtain Gil are handled. The official announcement was not clear on this. There are a lot of voices in the community which say that they have bought Gil from RMT groups but were not punished for their actions.

[Special Task Force]

We are aware that the characters that farm Gil, use illegal programs to camp spots and cause trouble with other players are affecting the game-play of our users. In order to keep these under control, catching *Hunters who gather Gil is definitely a priority on our task list.

However, we are also aware of the fact that RMT would not exist if it were not for the existence of people who buy Gil. For this reason, we have decided to enact stricter standards against those players who choose to obtain Gil through illegal means. Please be fair and do not encourage RMT by purchasing Gil from these groups.

*Hunters: Characters which kill NM, clear quests and obtain items over and over again with the sole purpose of gathering Gil which is then handed off to the RMT groups.