Happy New Year! (01/01/2023)

Happy New Year, FINAL FANTASY XI players!

Director Fujito here. Matsui-san wants to prepare for the eventual "generation shift," so this year I will be giving our customary New Year's greetings.

May 16, 2022, marked the momentous 20th Vana'versary of FINAL FANTASY XI.

This year we implemented Sortie, where you can reforge Empyrean equipment; master levels to further grow player power; and continued implementing out latest storyline, The Voracious Resurgence. I feel that we really rung in FINAL FANTASY X's 21st year in style with a variety of content to enjoy.

We also celebrated our 20th anniversary years outside of the game as well.

The WE ARE VANA'DIEL promotional site contains stories and messages from people who helped grow the game from its inception and also features a wide variety of pictures, illustrations, and other visual content that marks various moments in the game's life—a true repository of historical materials on FINAL FANTASY XI.

We also held crossover promotions with other IPs—something which I personally enjoyed as a fellow adventurer. I'm sure that many people returned to Vana'diel just to experience these amazing collaborative events. More recently, we announced new 20thth Vana'versary merchandise this past November.

These various initiatives would never have come to pass were it not for the love and hard work of those involved in the various projects, and I remember many of them asking, "What can we do to give back to Vana'diel for all that it's given us?"

FINAL FANTASY XI is truly blessed to have you all, and I?d like to take this opportunity to convey my gratitude towards all of our adventurers.

Now that a new year is upon us, I'd like to talk a little bit about our future plans.

We're finally approaching the conclusion of The Voracious Resurgence. Many of Vana'diel?s secrets are slowly coming to light, and our allies are starting to get to the bottom of things. I hope you enjoy the story's thrilling conclusion.

In terms of battle content, Prime weapons will undergo further reforging, and we're preparing a new Master Trial to spotlight the power that these weapons bring. We're also looking to adjust our chat filter systems and provide a variety of other updates as well. We'll have some more to share on these and other tasks when the time comes.

The Development and Operations teams are looking to make 2023 one to remember, and we pledge to make Vana'diel a more fun and comfortable place to adventure than ever before. We hope you continue to walk with us on this wonderful journey.

Yoji Fujito

Event Period

Saturday, December 31, at 7:00 a.m. (PST) to Monday, January 16, at 6:59 a.m.

Additionally, Chacharoon in Ru'Lude Gardens (I-8) will be selling special limited-time items during the following period.

Saturday, December 31, at 7:00 a.m. (PST) to Saturday, January 7, at 6:00 a.m.

Read on for the list of limited-time items.

Event Details

During the event, lucky rabbits will be parading around the following areas. Trade them items and gil to receive a variety of other items and magic effects. There may even be a very special rabbit available near Chacharoon during certain periods!

NPCs and related areas

Celebratory Coney

 West Ronfaure / East Ronfaure / La Theine Plateau / Valkurm Dunes /
 Jugner Forest / Batallia Downs / North Gustaberg / South Gustaberg /
 Konschtat Highlands / Pashhow Marshlands / Rolanberry Fields /
 Beaucedine Glacier / Western Altepa Desert / Eastern Altepa Desert /
 West Sarutabaruta / East Sarutabaruta / Tahrongi Canyon / Buburimu Peninsula /
 Meriphataud Mountains / Sauromugue Champaign / The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah /
 Yuhtunga Jungle / Yhoator Jungle / Qufim Island / Xarcabard

Previous Rewards

Items available during previous New Year's festivities may be acquired from the following locations.

Shop at event-related stores

Moogles in the following locations sell various New Year-themed items.

Northern San d'Oria / Bastok Mines / Windurst Waters (north side)

Ake-Ome Spirit

Speak with Ake or Ome in the following locations to obtain the Ake-Ome Spirit item which grants the ability to possess a special monster in Monstrosity.
* Speaking with Ake or Ome while already possessing an Ake-Ome Spirit will cause something special to occur.

Northern San d'Oria (L-8) / Port Bastok (K-12) / Port Windurst (M-4)

Bring cheer for those in need!

The moogles have cleverly hidden seven types of Tenshodo trading cards across the land and challenged the Goblins to find them. But the cunning Goblins, determined to come out on top in the contest, have taken to riding chocobos, and that simply isn't fair, kupo!

Southern San d'Oria / Northern San d'Oria

Bastok Markets / Bastok Mines

Windurst Waters (north side) / Windurst Woods

Trading cards can occasionally be found by examining overturned soil in the following locations. Get there before the goblins beat you to it!
The odds of receiving trading cards increase with the more people you have in your party. Team up with other adventurers to increase your odds of success!

West Ronfaure / La Theine Plateau / Jugner Forest / Batallia Downs / South Gustaberg / Konschtat Highlands /  Pashhow Marshlands / Rolanberry Fields / East Sarutabaruta / Tahrongi Canyon / Meriphataud Mountains / Sauromugue Champaign

Limited-Time Items

Themed limited-time items will go on sale for one week after the start of the New Year (JST). There are two types of items, and each can be purchased once per day (Earth time).
* Sales reset at 7:00 a.m. (PST).

Item Availability Period

Friday, December 31, at 7:00 a.m. (PST) to Friday, January 7, at 6:00 a.m.

Chacharoon in Ru'Lude Gardens (I-8)