From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team
New Assault Missions and Mercenary Rank (08/07/2007)

In the upcoming version update, we will be adding a new promotion quest to unlock the next mercenary rank, as well as a series of exciting assault missions.

New Mercenary Rank

The mercenary rank of "First Lieutenant" will be awarded to players who survive the grueling trials put forth by the hard-nosed drill sergeant, Rongelouts. Do you have what it takes, maggot?

New Assault Missions

Five new missions await players who have achieved the rank of First Lieutenant.
Here's a sneak preview of what lies in store:

Bloody Rondo

Mission Orders: After years of quietly defying Imperial rule, the recluse Count Dracula has recently begun preparations for an assault on Al Zahbi. Infiltrate the Leujoam Sanctum, locate the count, and slay him before he can execute his plans.

The Susanoo Shuffle

Mission Orders: In an attempt to strengthen their bonds with the Mamool Ja, an eastern nation has provided the beastmen with a new biologically engineered hydra hybrid known as Orochi. You are to infiltrate the training grounds and eliminate the new threat.