From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team
September Version Update Preview  (08/29/2008)

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for more streamlined adventuring—the September version update is just around the corner! Continuing in the tradition of enhancing creature comforts in your Vana'dielian lifestyle, we're proud to introduce a number of adjustments and additions scheduled to take place.

Seal Storage

Previous version updates have ushered in numerous improvements to in-game storage, with the Mog Locker and the Mog Safe having been bestowed with increased capacity and several furnishings receiving enhancement tweaks thus far. But that's not all we have to offer!
In next month's update, the development team will take the hassle of storing beastmen's and Kindred's seals out of your hands, and put it into those of orb-dispensing NPC Shami. Through the natural course of gameplay, adventurers will come into possession of not inconsiderable quantities of the abovementioned seals which take up storage space like all other items. From the next version update, however, adventurers will no longer need to leave stacks of seals scattered about their Mog House, waiting to be stepped on by unwary guests to grimacing, painful results. So, whether you have just one or hundreds, swing over with all those cumbersome seals to see Shami at his usual hangout in Port Jeuno and he'll take care of the rest.
*Shami will hold onto seals traded to him with white-knuckled tenacity, but will gladly furnish adventurers with lovely orbs as recompense.

Getting Around in Past Vana'diel

At present, the dominant mode of transport in past Vana'diel is the teleportation service requiring payment in Allied Notes. However, the NPCs based in the three nations offering this service would prioritize their own safety and go into hiding during Campaign battles, greatly inconveniencing adventurers wishing to travel outside of town.
In addressing this issue, the development team has decided to bolster up these NPCs with a much-needed dose of courage so that they will no longer abandon their posts in the face of a beastman invasion.

In addition to the above, rental chocobos will finally be made available for use in areas introduced in the Wings of the Goddess expansion. Players who fulfill the three conditions below will be able to pay Allied Notes to rent a chocobo at their leisure, regardless of the current war climate:
1) Be level 20 or above.
2) Be in possession of a chocobo license.
3) Be affiliated with an allied nation.
*Please note that chocobo whistle usage and digging will not be possible in past Vana'diel.

More Fellows!

Fellows will be receiving tweaks and improvements for the second consecutive version update. On the menu of changes are new armor pieces and a simplified customization system that will allow greater ease in changing your fellow's attire to suit your needs. An exciting new chapter of adventuring with your fellow awaits you!