From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team
Get More Malmage from Your Equipment with Augmented Items! (03/17/2009)

* An inaccuracy in the original version of this document has been corrected.

The upcoming version update will usher in the "Augments" system, a new feature that will shatter your preconceptions about equipment and breathe new life into some of your most treasured pieces of armor.

Any veteran adventurer knows the feeling:
A beloved breastplate that served you in countless epic battles...
A cherished cuirass that fended off many a vicious enemy blow...
Equipment once treasured, now auctioned off for a purseful of gil or relegated to a dank, lonely corner of your Mog House in favor of more potent apparel better suited to your burgeoning abilities.
What could be done to give these items a longer lease on life? This is the question we asked ourselves, and in the next version update, you can experience the answer—the new Augments system!

Let's examine how it will work.

*This development screenshot may not represent the final product.

As illustrated above, certain pieces of equipment may, under the right conditions, receive as many as two augments that will serve to supplement the item's base attributes. This new feature will allow for two pieces of armor bearing the same name to possess distinct capabilities, specially tailored to complement the skills of the wearer.
A wealth of heretofore unseen diversity in adventuring attire awaits you!

Needless to say, the development team is hard at work to ensure that augmented items can be enjoyed by the widest possible range of adventurers, while preserving game balance with existing items available through questing and synthesis. Furthermore, to maintain the items' exclusivity, it will not be possible to trade them to your companions, nor sell them via the auction house or bazaars. Adventurers looking to acquire augmented equipment will have to do so by their own courage and valor!

We'll be sharing even more information on this exciting new feature come release day, so be sure to check back for all the latest details!