From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team
Job Adjustments and Additions Part II (03/30/2009)

In this second half of the announcement on job adjustments and additions planned for the April version update, we present to you a delectable array of changes that are bound to change the way you buff and summon!

Red Mage

The new job ability "Composure" and a new line of En- type magic spells will be added.

- Composure
(Lv.50 Ability Delay: 5 min. Duration: 5 min.)
Increases accuracy and lengthens recast time. Enhancement effects gained through white and black magic you cast on yourself last longer.

- Notes
Activating Composure will impose a recast time penalty upon all magic, songs, and ninjutsu.

- En- Type Spells
Enfire II (Lv.58) / Enblizzard II (Lv.56) / Enaero II (Lv.54) / Enstone II (Lv.52) / Enthunder II (Lv.50) / Enwater II (Lv.60)
Adds elemental damage to your initial attacks (subsequent blows by characters for whom multiple attacks are possible do not receive this effect). Each successive activation increases elemental damage strength up to a predetermined limit. Reduces the target's resistance against the associated element.

Example) Enfire II: Adds fire damage to your initial attacks and reduces the target's resistance against water.


Changes are scheduled for the following Blood Pact abilities:

- The effective range for Blood Pact: Ward area of effect enhancing and healing abilities will be increased and become equivalent to that of white magic spells such as "Protectra."

- Blood Pact: Ward "Hastega"
The Blood Pact: Ward ability "Hastega" will be adjusted to nullify the effects of Slow in the same manner as the white magic "Haste."

- Blood Pact: Rage
Meteor Strike / Geocrush / Wind Blade / Grand Fall / Heavenly Strike / Thunderstorm
Both damage and TP-based damage dealt by the above abilities will be increased.