From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team
Wings of the Goddess Nation Quests! (10/06/2009)

Compelling Wings of the Goddess nation quests spanning the two central continents are set to continue in the fast-approaching November version update. As the Crystal War rages ever nearer to boiling point, the front of conflict shifts to the snowswept fields of Xarcabard. Brave souls who turn not their backs to the plight of the Allied Forces shall uncover the true pasts and deeds of the legendary heroes of whom songs are sung to this day...

San d'Oria: In a Flurry of White

As Allied operations in the Northlands commence in earnest, adventurers will accompany Squire Altennia and the Knights of the Carmine Swallow to lay an ambush in the snow-mantled passes of Beaucedine. The arrival of an unexpected guest in the form of young Excenmille serves to raise spirits, but the celebration is short-lived, for trouble is abrew. Faced this time with a horde of formidable foes and dangerously near to the heart of enemy territory, can another one of Excenmille's unconventional strategies hope to succeed? Victory rides upon the hulking frame of an unlikely ally!

Bastok: Scars That Never Heal

Disgraced when their captain is caught making an attempt on the President's life, the once-proud Mythril Musketeers are relegated to lowly positions in a penal regiment. As Nicolaus and Five Moons ponder the motives behind Captain Klara's unconscionable actions, they are greeted with another disturbing development—Zeid has gone missing. The search for their former comrade takes on twist after turn as adventurers come face to face with the shocking truth behind Klara and Zeid's troubled pasts...

Windurst: Howl from the Heavens

The Federation forces have won a bitter victory, driving the Shadow Lord's minions from Fort Karugo-Narugo at considerable cost to themselves. As the battle-weary mercenaries lick their wounds, the massive legions of the Beastman Confederate continue their inexorable advance toward the capital.
Robel-Akbel, Lehko Habhoka, Karaha-Baruha, and two unheralded guests from the Mithran motherland—each harbors their own secret motives as they hurtle towards the climactic confrontation, with forgotten histories set to be revealed...!