From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team
Job Adjustments and Additions: Part I (10/14/2009)

Rangers throughout the realm, sharpen your arrows and polish your rifles!
A host of ability tweaks scheduled for the new version update promise to render your finely honed hunting skills more potent than ever.

Ranger Job Adjustments

Job Ability Adjustments
- Velocity Shot
The duration of this ability will be increased from five minutes to two hours.

- Unlimited Shot
Once activated, this ability will remain in effect until you successfully hit your mark.

- Camouflage
Rangers with this ability in effect will incur less enmity for ranged attacks. There will be a chance that the ability remains in effect even after a ranged attack, depending on your position relative to your target.

Ranged Attack Adjustments
- Ranged attack enmity
Less enmity will be incurred the further away you are from the target of your ranged attacks.

- Detailed damage messages for ranged attacks
Damage messages displayed after a successful ranged attack will indicate the effectiveness of the attack, allowing for players to better gauge their positioning. Critical hit and missed attack messages will remain unchanged.

This concludes our preview of the adjustments scheduled for rangers in the upcoming version update.
Other jobs set to receive fine-tuning will be featured in the coming days, so keep your eyes glued to this space!