From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team
Job Adjustments and Additions: Part II (10/21/2009)

Part II of our job adjustments and additions preview invites to center stage beastmasters and summoners, Vana'diel's wielders of animalistic and avatarial might!


A new ability will be added for summoners, and with it, a brand new way for these masters of forbidden magic to lend their powers to party battles.

Avatar's Favor (Lv.55  Recast Time: 5 minutes  Duration: 2 hours)
Channels the avatar's power towards a beneficial status effect for party members within range. Reduces perpetuation cost while active.

By summoning an avatar while this ability is active, a corresponding beneficial effect from above table will be granted to all party members within range of the avatar. The effect's potency will gradually increase until the avatar is released, and at its peak, can be expected to reach levels equal to those granted by the corsair's lucky number roll.
While multiple favors of the same variety will not be stackable, a single party can benefit from as many types as there are summoners. Furthermore, enhancements received through this ability can be used in conjunction with those received via magic spells, songs, the Phantom Roll ability, and so forth.


Adjustments and additions have been scheduled that will greatly enhance the effectiveness of pets called forth via the "Call Beast" ability.

- New Pet Command: "Ready"
When in control of a pet called forth via the "Call Beast" ability, the pet command "Sic" will be replaced with "Ready." By fulfilling the following conditions, "Ready" will allow you to select a specific ability for the pet to use from its arsenal.
* The pet's TP is at 100% or more.
* Sufficient charges have accumulated for the ability you wish to use.

- Charges
Regardless of the beastmaster's level, one charge will accumulate for every two minutes after a pet has been called, up to a maximum of three. The amount of charges required will vary depending on ability.

Example: Funguar Familiar

We will continue to observe the beastmaster job following the release of the November version update, and as necessary, make adjustments to special abilities and calling items for each pet.