from FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team
New Features in Aht Urhgan(06/21/2006)

The FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team has put several measures into effect since the release of the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion disc to lessen the congestion in Al Zahbi, including adjustments to Besieged and the introduction of auction house fees and bazaar taxes. The upcoming Mog Locker expansion and the introduction of new features in Aht Urhgan are designed to create a more convenient atmosphere for players. While the effects of these changes may not be immediately visible, we believe that these measures will eventually result in less overcrowding of the new towns.

Mog Locker Expansion

The Mog Locker was introduced for the convenience of players exploring the new areas of Aht Urhgan. In order to preserve in-game balance, the Mog Locker was given an initial capacity of 50 items and limited to use in Al Zahbi. Even more players than expected have begun to use this service, so we decided to eliminate some of the restrictions on the Mog Locker during the next version update.

1. Maximum capacity increased to 60 items
Following the next version update, trading Aht Urhgan currency to Fubruhn in Aht Urhgan Whitegate will allow you to increase your Mog Locker capacity to hold 60 items.

2. Access expanded to areas outside Al Zahbi
You will soon be able to use your Mog Locker in your Mog House from anywhere in Vana'diel after the completion of certain free procedures. However, these procedures will slightly shorten the length of a Mog Locker lease, which costs one Imperial bronze piece to renew. In addition, the remaining time on the current lease will be proportionately reduced. Of course, you can always choose to make your Mog Locker usable only in Al Zahbi once again.

3. Mog Locker lease renewable from any area
In accordance with the Mog Locker access expansion, players will also be able to renew their lease for one Imperial bronze piece from a Mog House at any location.

New Features in Aht Urhgan

After careful consideration of the effects on game balance, the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team has deemed the following features ready for addition to the towns of the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion disc:

1. Chocobo Stables Grand Opening
The chocobo stables in Al Zahbi will finally open for use in the next version update. Players will be able to rent a chocobo in Al Zahbi and ride out into the Wajaom Woodlands. Please note, however that the NPCs at the chocobo stables may be captured during Besieged, disabling chocobo use until their rescue.

2. New NPCs
The following NPCs will be added to the towns of Al Zahbi and Aht Urhgan Whitegate:

-An equipment storage NPC
-A special event item storage NPC
-A weather forecast NPC
-A Pursuivant NPC to transport players to Brenner and Ballista matches

Furthermore, additions will be made to the number of special event items that can be stored.