From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team
Moblin Maze Mongers Manufacture Monstrous New Maze: Adventurers Aghast! (06/01/2010)

President Goldagrik and his grammatically-challenged gang of gil-grabbing dungeon delvers are back, this time with a new maze that promises thrills and chills for adventurers the world over!

Intrepid reporters have uncovered a voucher for the newly-formed "Revitalization Team." Nominally established to allow overextended adventurers to let off some steam, it would seem the Moblins' idea of rest and relaxation calls for pitting clients against the most fearsome foes ever to grace their dank and dusty caves.

Fell Formidable Foes: Reap Rich Rewards

Within each Revitalization Team labyrinth awaits the maze master Sadistiq. After giving first-time challengers a "member's card" that will make it possible to record their progress, he will provide a choice of formidable foes which you may pummel to your heart's content to relieve the stress of adventuring and—if all goes well—procure some serious loot in the process.

After choosing your foe, the "relaxation period" will commence. Challengers will have 15 minutes to pound away on their target to the best of their abilities. There will be no pushovers here, so you'll want to cooperate closely with your comrades. Fear not if you cannot fell your foe, however. You may still be eligible for a prize if Sadistiq deems that you have worked off sufficient stress in your attempt.

Still Crueler Challenges Await!

When your time is through, you'll want to show your member's card to Sadistiq once more. Prove your mettle, and you'll be granted the opportunity to take on even more fearsome foes.

An adventurer's life is far from easy. Why not take a few minutes to let off some steam Maze Mongers-style?