From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team
Wings of the Goddess Missions! (08/19/2010)

The upcoming version update will usher in the emotionally-charged first half of the concluding Wings of the Goddess missions. Read on for just a brief glimpse at the excitement that awaits!

Bereft of Lilisette, the struggle to preserve the brighter future seems all but lost. Meanwhile, the future of strife and chaos continues to gain momentum, its influence in past Vana'diel growing ever more pervasive and apparent.

For those who inherited the will of the Goddess, can naught be done to avert defeat?

I shall deliver you to a future of everlasting glory!

Lady Lilith makes an unannounced appearance before the ragged remnants of the Allied Forces, throwing its ranks into disarray. Among those in her company is a purple-garbed figure, familiar yet somehow different...

You must recover her memories! Find them all!

The future heavily favors the world of strife, and nothing short of a miracle will help to turn the tide. Forced onto the precipice of defeat, Cait Sith decides to stake all on a desperate plan whose success or failure depends on you...

Storm clouds gather to block out the sun, but somewhere out there survives a ray of light that pierces the darkness.
Prepare yourself, for the Wings of the Goddess storyline will soon commence its final ascent towards a climactic conclusion!