From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team
Battle Adjustments (02/01/2011)

The forthcoming minor version update will usher in a host of battle-related refinements, including increased experience point yield and eased skill gain conditions.

Increased Experience Point Yield

The amount of experience points obtained by defeating monsters in non-Abyssea areas will be revised across the board. For instance, defeating an "Even Match" foe will yield roughly double the current amount of experience points. This adjustment will also benefit dragoon wyverns and adventuring fellow NPCs.

Eased Skill Gain Conditions

At present, only by fighting foes rated "Even Match" or stronger can players raise their combat and magic skills to their upper limits. With the February version update, however, this requirement will be reduced to "Decent Challenge." Further, players will find that actions targeting themselves or party members will raise the corresponding skill at a faster rate. Once these changes come into effect, players can expect larger figures to accompany each rise in skill. Puppetmasters should also be pleased to know that automatons, too, will benefit from this adjustment.