From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team
The FINAL FANTASY XI Team Answers Your Questions! (02/04/2011)

The FINAL FANTASY XI community is ever abuzz with discussion on in-game content. The development and operations teams would like to take this opportunity to address some of our fans' most pressing questions and concerns.

Q: If it is not possible to expand the in-game auto-translate function for the time being, would it at least be possible to add recent terms to the glossary on the official site's Play Guide?

A: We've amended the Play Guide glossary with some of the most requested words and phrases, the first batch focusing on adventuring in Abyssea. With more terms set to follow, we encourage all players to make use of the site to foster communication with their companions abroad.

FINAL FANTASY XI Official Site: Play Guide » Glossary of Game Terms

Q: Could you share with us a schedule and content summary for future version updates?

A: We have a series of version updates and milestones planned for the coming year, and are currently in the process of reviewing the material and compiling it into a format that we can share with our users. Please bear with us and continue to watch this space!

Q: Are there any plans to provide a means to upgrade equipment from Salvage, Einherjar, Nyzul, and so forth? I put a great deal of effort into obtaining these items, but these days they feel underpowered.

A: Yes. Future updates will introduce not only a host of new items, but also new upgrade possibilities for existing weapons and armor. Methods including but not limited to Trial of the Magians are in the works, and we think you'll enjoy what we have in store.

Q: My blue magic spells like "1000 Needles" and "Blitzstrahl" don't seem to be getting at my enemy's weaknesses. Help!

A: We are aware of this issue, and are currently working toward a solution to be implemented in the next major version update. We have also received a wide range of valuable feedback regarding other weapon skills, magic spells, and jobs, and we will work to incorporate as many of your suggestions as possible while preserving game balance.

Q: Ironclad Triturators are covered with iron plates, and yet they're not dropping any. What's up with this?

A: After some investigation, we have uncovered an issue that was resulting in incorrect drop rates for the Ironclad Triturator and Ironclad Sunderer. Both monsters will be addressed in the February mini-update.

Q: When fishing, it's awfully difficult to reel in a prize catch with only "good feelings" and "terrible feelings" to guide us. How about a little more help?

A: Anglers of Vana'diel, rejoice! We are planning to rework the messages that display when hooking a fish to be more informative than ever in the next major version update.

Q: I lost my bait fishing up a pair of rusty leggings. They don't even have a mouth, let alone an appetite!

A: They most certainly do not, and you may rest assured that rusty armor will feast on your precious bait no more after the upcoming February mini-update.

Q: What do puppetmasters have to look forward to in terms of updates and adjustments?

A: Starting with the February mini-update, the macro command <petmpp> will be added, allowing you to display your automaton's current MP as a percentage of its maximum. Puppetmasters will have even more to look forward to in the next major version update, so keep your automaton's frame well-oiled!

Q: Psst! Can you tell me the secret recipe for Goblin stir-fry? Pretty please? I promise I won't tell anyone else.

A: While the Goblins would have our heads if we leaked their secret recipe outright, we figured we could get away with providing a few daily hints on our Twitter feed. Just make sure no one's looking when you follow that link, okay?

Q: I've always been curious about the names of areas in and around the Federation of Windurst. Could one of your scribes enlighten us as to their origins?

A: A fascinating subjectaru indeed! The Tarutaru, you see, have a longstanding tradition of naming geographical features and locations after historical personages who share a connection to these places. For example, the Toraimarai Canal bears the name of the renowned mage and explorer Torai-Marai, who was the first to plumb its depths. In the case of Ghoyu's Reverie, one can see that names of Mithran origin are to be found as well. Just a bit of trivia to keep in mind the next time your adventures carry you to the Federation!