Item Adjustments Galore! (02/07/2011)

The February mini-update promises to relieve item-related stress for adventurers, with the opportunity to reacquire the Treasures of Aht Urhgan mission reward items, an expansion of the Porter Moogle storage system, and more!

Aht Urhgan Rings Made Reobtainable

After the February update, players will be able to reobtain the following reward items from the Treasures of Aht Urhgan mission scenario:
Balrahn's Ring / Ulthalam's Ring / Jalzahn's Ring

To reacquire the reward, speak with the NPC Nadeey at Walahra Temple in Aht Urhgan Whitegate without any of the above items in your ownership.
*Should you discard the reacquired item, the event timer will reset with the next conquest tally.

Porter Moogle Service to Expand

With the February update, the items listed below will become storable with the Porter Moogle NPC. Players can expect yet more additions to be made to this service in future updates.

[Moogle Storage Slip 04]
Razor Axe / Barbaroi Axe / Marauder's Knife / Raven Scythe / Fencing Degen / Peregrine / Sniping Bow / Blessed Hammer / Casting Wand / Beat Cesti / Kukulcan's Staff / Honor Sword / Immortal's Scimitar / Anju / Zushio / Magoroku / Turbo Animator / Trump Gun / War Hoop

[Moogle Storage Slip 11]
Gold Moogle Belt / Silver Moogle Belt / Bronze Moogle Belt / Red Sash / Dash Sash / Happy Egg / Fortune Egg / Orphic Egg

Furthermore, so as to prevent unintended cancellation of Magian trials, the porter service will no longer handle items involved in ongoing trials.

Pet Food Eta for All

The materials required to synthesize Pet Food Eta will be adjusted to make this item more readily available to adventurers.

New Low Price for Instant Retrace

The December update lowered costs for Instant Reraise and Instant Warp scrolls. The February mini-update will usher in a similar price reduction for Instant Retrace scrolls, from 500 Allied Notes to 10.