from FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team
Quests for Blue Mages, Corsairs, and Puppetmasters!(07/06/2006)

The artifact and limit break quests for the blue mage, corsair, and puppetmaster jobs will be added in the next version update. You must have attained a certain level with each job to access its new quests.

New Artifacts

The artifact quests are continuations of the previously available "An Empty Vessel," "Luck of the Draw," and "No Strings Attached" quests. Like the artifact quests for other jobs, there will be three quests for each new job that the player must complete in order to attain the artifact weapon and two pieces of armor.

The other three pieces of artifact armor will not be available in coffers, but instead can be obtained by a new method. The Aht Urhgan areas are for high-level players, and placing coffers in these areas would make the artifact quests significantly more difficult than those for the other jobs.

Limit Break Quests

The NPC Maat, famous or even infamous for his part in previous limit break quests, will not be appearing in the new quests due to his lack of expertise in the jobs of the Near East. Instead, the player will have to battle against important figures for each job in order to breach their innate limits.

You must complete the three artifact quests for each job before attempting its limit break quest.