From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team
The Final Fantasy XI Team Answers Your Questions! (02/10/2011)

The FINAL FANTASY XI community is ever abuzz with discussion on in-game content. Today, the development and operations teams return to address some of our fans' most pressing questions and concerns in FAQ format.

Q: I've been hearing a lot about the February minor version update lately, but when will it take place exactly?

A: If all goes according to schedule, the version update will go live on Monday, February 14 (PST). We thank you for your patience.

Q: I really want to see some items added to the Mog Bonanza prize list—it'd make participating in the event so much more exciting for me!

A: The Mog Bonanza has grown to become a much-loved event in Vana'diel since its inception, and nothing would give us more pleasure than to add to the richness of players' bonanza experience. As such, we have decided to accept adventurer nominations for new prize items to be added to the event. As a follower of the official FINAL FANTASY XI Twitter account, simply tweet up to three items of your heart's desire and include the hashtag "#mogbonanza". Nominations will be accepted until Sunday, February 13, at 10pm (PST).

Q: Are there any plans to make notorious monsters more accessible, and battling them more rewarding?

A: We have received many requests concerning notorious monsters, some of the most popular being the alleviation of pop conditions, reduced repop times, and improved treasure drop rates. We are working to address these concerns over multiple patches, starting with the next major version update. Details will be revealed as soon as the pertinent particulars are ironed out, so stay tuned!

Q: Oh, the Twilight God strike me down! Had I only known that a glorious day such as the February minor version update would come when Artifact Armor could be entrusted to Porter Moogles—the Goddess bless their gentle hearts—I never would have dreamed of casting aside my hard-won set! Will my beloved equipment be lost to me forever? *Sniff*

A: We understand all too well the pain of being parted with one's preciouses, and are considering ways to allow adventurers to reunite with their hard-earned Artifact Armor. Although we are unable to apprise you of a time frame right now, we can say that miracles come to those who possess patience and faith in equal amounts.

Q: My bags and cupboards are near to bursting with Kindred's crests and other like baubles! Won't a kindly and trustworthy soul appear who would take on the burden of their safekeeping in my stead?

A: Many a grievance has been forwarded to us regarding storage woes, requesting that items such as Kindred's crests, Empyrean Armor upgrade seals, and Walk of Echoes coins be made storable with NPCs. We are currently exploring ways outside of traditional equipment storage NPCs to help adventurers clear up their inventory space, and expect to be able to make an announcement regarding this in the near future, so keep watching this space!

Q: Whenever my visitant status expires and I get kicked out of Abyssea, I find myself dispossessed of certain temporary items such as the Primeval Brew. Does this sound right to you?

A: An issue has been confirmed wherein players would lose some of their temporary items upon being evicted from Abyssea. This issue will be rectified in the minor version update scheduled for Monday, February 14 (PST).

Q: The Trial Log refuses to appear when I use my Magian Spectacles while in Abyssea – Uleguerand! Help!

A: An issue has been confirmed wherein the Trial Log would not appear in Heroes of Abyssea areas. This issue will be rectified in the minor version update scheduled for Monday, February 14 (PST).

Q: Performing text command searches for people in Abyssea – Uleguerand and Abyssea – Grauberg never results in any hits. What's the big idea?

A: An issue has been confirmed wherein the areas Abyssea - Uleguerand and Abyssea – Grauberg were not being covered by text command searches. This issue will be rectified in the minor version update scheduled for Monday, February 14 (PST).