From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team
The Final Fantasy XI Team Answers Your Questions! (02/25/2011)

The FINAL FANTASY XI community is ever abuzz with discussion on in-game content. Today, the development and operations teams return to address some of our fans' most pressing questions and concerns in FAQ format.

Q: "???" targets currently serve the dual function of triggering events as well as popping NMs. As a way to help adventurers distinguish between these two uses, would it be possible to change all monster pop locations to "!!!" or some such?

A: While we believe that introducing the "!!!" target as suggested would greatly improve ease of adventuring, obstacles have been identified that render its implementation unfeasible. Not only is there a staggering amount of applicable "???" targets that would require adjustment, the existence of numerous situational "???" locations makes straightforward conversion nigh impossible. We sincerely apologize for being unable to fulfill this request.

Q: My good friend and comrade Skyserpent General Rughadjeen has been behaving rather strangely during Besieged battles, and I can't help but feel concerned. To describe a symptom, using either Protect V or Shell V on the man causes him to go on an enhancing magic casting binge. Are the stresses of prolonged conflict taking their toll on poor Rughadjeen?

A: We truly appreciate your show of concern for a brother-in-arms. Following examination, it has been determined that the Skyserpent General's unusual behavior is due to his unfamiliarity with Protect V and Shell V—spells that did not exist when Besieged was first introduced. For a blessing, his actions do not pose an immediate threat to his own well-being or to those of others, and we intend to have a heart-to-heart with him as soon as other urgent matters have been addressed.

Q: I'm usually all about missions and storylines, but I must confess to being a teensy bit curious about what kind of job adjustments are coming up. Is there anything you can tell me?

A: First of all, it gives us great joy to hear that there are still folk out there who appreciate visceral combat. To answer the question, a wide range of job adjustments and balance tweaks are in the pipes, a number of which will find their way into the upcoming major version update. All the juicy details will be revealed via Topics before long, so stay tuned!

Q: Exchanging Aht Urhgan currency is about as enjoyable as having gravel down my subligar. Can't the process be streamlined?

A: In the upcoming version update, the NPCs Ugrihd (Aht Urhgan Whitegate) and Awaheen (Nashmau) will expand their services to include large-volume currency exchange. In each transaction, adventurers will be able to specify the Imperial coin of their choice as well as the quantity desired.

Q: While I think the "/names" text command used to toggle character name display is da bomb, I reckon it'd be even more useful if I could choose to apply it to either PCs or NPCs only.

A: While this adjustment is technically possible, its implementation is projected to consume a considerable amount of man-hours. Given the numerous other high priority adjustments currently on our plate, we are unable to provide you with a time frame at this point in time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Q: Is there a way to adjust the volume of the title screen BGM? It always seems to be either too loud or too soft, and never just right.

A: While both in-game and PlayOnline Viewer music volume can be adjusted in their respective configuration screens, there regrettably is no way to adjust volume for the title screen. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Q: As a regular visitor to the official site, I think it'd be more logical to switch the order of the Topics and Information sections and have urgent news appear at the very top.

A: In light of the official forum's imminent launch and its intended function, layout changes are being considered for the official site. We expect to be able to reveal detailed information regarding this in the very near future, and ask for your patience in the meantime.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone on Twitter who sent us requests for new Mog Bonanza prizes. The prize list will be revised based on the submissions, and we believe that more than a few adventurers will have reason to rejoice when the details of the next bonanza are announced!