from FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team
Additions and Adjustments to Chocobo Raising (09/25/2006)

Soon players can expect more from care plans and experience a variety of new chocobo colors and appearances. Chocobo raisers have a lot to look forward to in the next version update!

Changes to Care Plans and Direct Care

Chocobo attributes will soon increase at a greater rate when using care plans. In addition, several additions and adjustments will be made to direct care, and a measure to wake the chocobo up while sleeping will also be introduced.

New Chocobo Colors

In addition to the existing yellow, black, and blue, two new chocobo colors will be added. Players will be able to enjoy a maximum of chocobo variety in the next version update!

Changes to Chocobo Appearance

Soon, chocobo appearance will slightly change according to attributes. This will not alter the chocobo's appearance completely, but rather will reflect certain strengths that the animal has acquired during the chocobo raising process. For example, a highly intelligent chocobo's head may appear different than that of a normal chocobo, and a speedy chocobo may be distinguished by its sturdy legs.

*Please note that a chocobo that you are already raising will not suddenly change color or appearance with this version update.