In the Field: The Coalitions of Adoulin (03/07/2013)

With a simple decree from Ygnas S. Adoulin reinstating the long-abandoned pioneering initiative, Adoulin's social structure and economy changed in a heartbeat, with various organizations known as "coalitions" sprouting up to support the effort.

As such, the coalitions are not as steeped in history as other areas of the nation, but their work has a profound effect on the daily lives of Adoulinians of every stripe and class.

Let us take this opportunity to catch a glimpse of the coalitions through the eyes of one of Adoulin's own.

"Let's proceed to the next question. Three years have passed since the coalitions were established. How do you think everyday life has changed since that time?"

I had my dapper black coat wrapped around my lanky frame, going from person to person throughout the city in search of from-the-streets stories of ordinary Adoulinians.

One woman I asked, Ruth, is the woman in charge of assisting new pioneers at Jorius Yett, the gateway to Adoulin.

"Well, in my personal experience, those from the Middle Lands registering as pioneers have increased in number of late, making Adoulin more well-known to the outside world. This was one of the goals Ygnas laid out for us when we commenced the project, so I can only be pleased with the fruits of our labor.

Six coalitions exist in the Sacred City of Adoulin, with functions ranging from pioneer registration and support to preservation of the peace and transport of important cargo. Each coalition is a government-sponsored organization that contributes to the livelihoods of the citizenry, and together they form an integral part of what Adoulin is today.

Maesters—the leaders of each coalition—are also the heads of six of city's Twelve Orders, with the Adoulin's six ministers comprising the other half of the body politic.

"What do you think about the services performed by each coalition?"

This time I turned my eye to Alienor, a stoic man in charge of managing Adoulin's many waypoints.

"Given the role I play, I am greatly indebted to the Inventors' Coalition, though at times I think their infernal tinkering with...their creative prowess causes more consternation than is healthy."... their creative prowess causes more consternation than is healthy."

Alienor was cut off, however, by a flamboyant man who came running up, huffing and puffing all the way.

"Well, just look at you, cutie! Well, maybe not cutie, but you're a good six out of ten. You really should be asking me, the lovely Phileem, the centerpiece of Adoulin's bouquet!"

I couldn't help but roll my eyes.

"At the moment, I'm not really interested in what the Mummers' Coalition has..."

"Oh, sweetie, have I got some gossip for you! We just came up with a new game of chance and skill! And even better, we've got an up-and-coming Tarutaru duo that'll just knock your subligar...err, socks...right off! Everyone loves the Mummers' Coalition, and we've got even bigger and better things in store! Come visit us for all your entertainment nee—hey! Why did you stop writing? Isn't your job to tell the public everything they need to know!?

I shooed him away before my ears fell off, this time my attention caught by a shrill voice from the nearby alley.

"Carrots, lettuce, cabbage and beets, all fresh and rrreasonably priced!"

An enchanting Mithra, clad in naught but a bikini, stood straight up at her stall. No doubt she was selling vegetables grown in Rala Waterways.

Turning to the old woman next to the Mithra, I teased,"Hey, An, still got your shelves fully stocked, I see."

"Oh hush, you fool!"

"An" was my pet name for Ansegusele, a pristine-looking Elvaan woman whose outdoor vegetable stall has been in operation for thirty-five years running. Each day, the Couriers' Coalition hauls newly grown vegetables up from the waterways, selling them wholesale to vendors throughout the city for the consumption of the general populace.

"I spend each day in thanks to the spry young lads and ladies from the coalition. If it were not for them, I would have great difficulty in making an honest living."

"Safe, careful, and expedient delivery—the hallmarks of the Couriers' Coalition. Yet the Couriers are not the only ones with a presence down in the waterways. The Peacekeepers' Coalition, too, has an outpost down there, keeping those in the Arboretum safe from the threats that lurk within."

Ah yes, the Peacekeepers. It is thanks to their herculean efforts that Adoulin remains protected from the outside and governed by the rule of law. They can be recognized by their blue attire—blue being the official color of Adoulin—and many visitors comment on the intricate patterns inscribed on their armor. The white and orange stripes sweeping down their arms and legs are a characteristic design.

Another quality of the Peacekeepers' Coalition is its unfailing pursuit of perfection. Though all Adoulin benefits from the solace they provide, they can sometimes be a bit too oppressive...but perhaps I have said too much.

Having completed my round of interviews, I returned home to turn my quill toward producing a fabulous report.

But before that, I would like to discuss a bit about my own brethren—the Scouts' Coalition, which is in charge of gathering and recording intelligence.

As the old saying goes, knowledge is power.

After all, even a simple sentence can topple nations or bring forth untold riches. Such as...

Oh ho, you didn't really think I would give away my secrets so easily, I hope? Margret, maester of our coalition, would certainly have my hide—and what's more, there's work here to be done.

After all, this report is intended for those in Jeuno to learn more of our wonderful nation. Adoulin can only profit from an influx of visitors if we leave a little mystery for them to solve once they get here. What's the fun in knowing everything beforehand?

And I don't just mean colonization itself. No, each of the coalitions has their own role to play in assuring the prosperity of Adoulin as well as the safety and security of all pioneers making the journey here.

I can only hope this letter will serve to beckon those who may heed our clarion call.

Wegellion, Scouts' Coalition

Illustration: Mitsuhiro Arita