≪Sep. 9, 2008 Level Sync≫
*Japan Standard Time

What is Level Sync?

Level Sync is a party leader-activated system whereby the level of all party members is restricted to that of a designated player. When this feature is activated, all members of the party will be able to receive an amount of experience points corresponding to the level of the designee, regardless of any initial disparity between them.

The following conditions apply to the Level Sync system:

Since status effects such as Invisibility, Sneak, Protect, and Shell are canceled, please exercise caution when activating Level Sync, or when joining a party where the feature is presently active.

The details of the system are outlined as follows:


How to Activate Level Sync

Only the party leader can activate and deactivate Level Sync. Other players wishing to cancel their own synchronization can do so simply by leaving the party.

1) Form a party.

2) From the main menu, select "Party," and then "Level Sync."


Level Sync cannot be activated under the following circumstances:

3) Select synchronization designee.
Doing so will cause all other party members' levels to be restricted to that of the designee. Players whose levels are lower than the designee will receive no adjustments. A red marker within the party status window identifies the player to whom the party's level is being synchronized.


The Level Sync status icon will then appear on each individual party member's screen, along with a status icon being displayed on the left side of each PC's name.


Please be aware of the following when engaging Level Sync:

Joining a Level Sync Party

Level Sync will activate immediately for players in the same area as the party leader upon joining. Players in different areas will not undergo synchronization until they enter the area of the party leader.
Provided all conditions are met, Level Sync will go into effect instantly and automatically, so players seeking to join a Level Sync party should be aware of the party leader's location and the situation around them.


Deactivating Level Sync

Only the party leader can deactivate Level Sync. From the main menu, select "Party," then "Lvl. Sync Off." There will be a countdown period of thirty seconds, after which Level Sync will be deactivated for all party members simultaneously.

The following conditions will cause Level Sync to disengage automatically, for either all or individual party members.



While Level Sync is active, players will receive 100% of the experience points they are eligible to obtain at their reduced level. Experience will not be gained, however, should any of the following occur:

The amount of experience lost when rendered unconscious will be based upon the player's level after Level Sync is in place.

*If the designee levels up or down while Level Sync is in effect, the synchronized level will automatically be updated for all party members.

Level Display

Whenever a Level Sync or any other level restriction is in effect, the player's actual level and experience point values can still be viewed via the "Status" option under the main menu.


Regarding Equipment

The new changes will also allow players to equip gear beyond that allowed under previous level restrictions. This applies not only to the new Level Sync system, but also to level restrictions brought about by entry into battlefields, assaults, Ballista, areas such as Riverne, and so on. Though the level of gear will no longer play a role in determining whether or not it may be equipped, level restrictions will cause statistics and effects to be adjusted.
Further, gear changes may be made as normal while the level restriction is in place, given that the player is able to equip that gear on their actual level.

Items consumed through usage of the beastmaster ability "Call Beast" are determined by the character's level after the level restriction is in place.

[Attributes affected by level restrictions]
Damage / Defense / HP / MP / Status / Accuracy / Attack / Ranged Accuracy / Ranged Attack / Magic Accuracy / Magic Attack

The above attributes will be adjusted to the level of the character after the level restriction is in place, while all other attributes will become invalid. Also, negative attributes will not be adjusted, but will retain the same value.

Latent effects on items affecting damage, defense, or any of the other attributes listed above, will also be adjusted to the character's level after the level restriction is in place.

*Certain statistics for specific equipment slots may be totally negated, regardless of level.
*Damage ratings of weapons will be indirectly affected by attack speed ratings, while defense values will be indirectly affected by the character's main job.
*Item text will not reflect changes to attributes imposed by level restrictions.
*Further equipment attribute-related adjustments in the Level Sync system are scheduled to take place in future version updates.

Examples of items adjusted by level restrictions:


Red text: Attributes will be scaled down based on the character's level after level restriction is in place.
Blue text: Attributes will not be scaled down, and will take effect as normal.
Gray highlighted text: Attributes will be negated entirely.