≪February 15, 2011 (JST) Version Update≫
*Japan Standard Time


Level restrictions have been lifted for the following nation of allegiance missions:

In Fields of Valor, the once-per-day limit on undertaking training regimes has been lifted.
Regimes may now be completed for experience as often as desired. Gil and tab rewards, however, will still be awarded only once per Vana'diel day. With this change, hunts and individual training will no longer share the same timer.

Traverser stones from the NPC Joachim (Port Jeuno, H-8) may now be acquired in bulk, up to your maximum carrying capacity.


The NPC Ehrhard (Abyssea – Grauberg, D-14) has been replaced by the NPC Tancredi.


Experience point yield for defeating monsters in non-Abyssea areas has been increased.
*This increase will also apply to dragoon wyverns and adventuring fellows.

Combat and magic skill increase conditions have been reworked.
*This adjustment will also apply to automatons.

Item drop rates have been adjusted for the notorious monsters Apademak (Abyssea - Uleguerand) and Dragua (Abyssea - Altepa).



The following reward items for the Treasures of Aht Urhgan mission scenario may now be reobtained:
Balrahn's Ring / Ulthalam's Ring / Jalzahn's Ring

imageTo reacquire the reward, speak with the NPC Nadeey in Walahra Temple (Aht Urhgan Whitegate, J-7) without any of the above items in your ownership.
*Should you discard the reacquired item, the event timer will reset with the next conquest tally.

The following items may now be stored with the Porter Moogle NPC:


Items involved in ongoing Magian trials will no longer be handled by the porter service.

The recipe for Pet Food Eta has been revised as follows:
(Old recipe): San d'Orian Flour, Apkallu Egg, Ruszor Meat, Distilled Water
(New recipe): San d'Orian Flour, Apkallu Egg, Buffalo Meat, Distilled Water

The price of Instant Retrace scrolls has been reduced from 500 Allied Notes to 10.


The update installer for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 versions has been upgraded.
Version update installations will now require less storage space.

The <petmpp> macro command has been added.
This command will display the current MP of your pet or automaton as a percentage of its maximum value.
*Your pet or automaton must be within targeting range to use this command.

The <wait> macro command has been added.
This command may be appended to the end of a macro line to set a delay before the following line is executed. The syntax is <wait #>, where # is the length of the delay in seconds (from 1 to 60).
*The <wait> command will only function properly at the end of a line. Placing it at the beginning will result in all other commands on the same line being ignored.
*The existing text command "/wait" may still be used as before.

(Ex.) Old and new formats for a white mage macro casting Protect, Shell, and Haste in succession:


Resolved issues

The following issues have been resolved:

Known issues

The <petmpp> command may display an inaccurate value if used immediately after calling forth one's pet or automaton.

English Version Only

The help text for the blue magic spell Delta Thrust contains the following inaccuracy:
(Incorrect:) Chance of effect varies with TP.
(Correct:) Effect duration varies with TP.