Introducing the exclusive FINAL FANTASY XI community site tool!

The FINAL FANTASY XI community site tool includes the following features:

• Colorful animation featuring popular characters from the game
• Headlines from Topics and Information
• A useful web counter

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The tool is available exclusively to FINAL FANTASY XI community sites, so if you run a website dedicated to FINAL FANTASY XI, register it today!

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Site Name
The name of the registered community site is displayed here.

Character Animations
View animations of characters such as Shantotto and Lycopodium. Click on a character to watch it in motion.

Character and Info buttons
Push the buttons to switch between the "Character" and "Info" sections.

Web Counter
Use the web counter to find out how many people have come to the site so far.
The community site tool's web counter can be hidden as well.

Topics and Information tabs
Use the tabs in the Info area to switch between Topics and Information.

This area displays the 10 newest headlines from Information or Topics on the FINAL FANTASY XI official site.

*Settings for 1 to 6 can be performed on the owner menu after logging in.

Easy to set up! Choose your favorite design!

Setting up the FINAL FANTASY XI community site tool is very easy. All you have to do is add a few lines of source code to the HTML file of your choice. There's no need to download any files and no complicated setup involved!*

Six different skins are available for the tool, so you can choose the design that best suits your website. It's easy to change skins, too, so pick a new one whenever the mood strikes you! There's even a smaller version for saving web space!

Set up the community site tool here!

*Setting up the community site tool works the same way as other widgets. Please refer to your service's Q&A for information on how to set it up. Please note that depending on your service, there may be some cases where you cannot set up the community site tool.

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