Sep. 14, 2004 (JST*) Update Details
*Japan Standard Time


A "Chains of Promathia" page has been added to the mission menu.

A new quest to increase the size of a player's gobbiebag has been implemented. A player must have completed the "Gobbiebag IV" quest in order for the new quest to be triggered.

Several new key items can now be purchased with guild points. Using these key items allows players to synthesize a plethora of new, never-before-seen products.
The key item obtainable at the Fishermen's Guild improves an angler's chances of catching certain prey.

The following changes have been made to Ballista:
-A variety of new items can be dug up using the /quarry command.
-When the special rule, "The potency of Sleep will be decreased" is applied in a Ballista match, players will gradually build up a resistance to Sleep if the spell is continuously cast on them.
-If the Chains of Promathia expansion pack is installed, exclusive Conflict BGM will play during all matches.

A new activity known as "clamming" is now available on the coast of a certain area.

Two new regions--the Tavnazian Archipelago and Movalpolos--have been added. Also, a number of new areas have been added to existing regions.

New "escort" quests have been added. In addition, players will now be able to cancel a previously accepted escort quest if they do not wish to complete it.

Dozens of new quests have been added in all four nations, as well as the new Chains of Promathia areas.

Nomad Moogles have been placed in several new areas.

The area a player reappears in after completing the Zilart mission "The Celestial Nexus" has been adjusted. This change does not affect any aspects of the story.

The number of areas where players can fish monsters has been increased.


A variety of new monsters have been added to the Chains of Promathia areas.
Some of these enemies have the ability to see through Sneak and Invisible spells.

The range of select monsters' ranged and area attacks has been adjusted.

Elementals can now use enhancing magic.

Monsters caught while fishing, as well as those that appear when the security system of the "matter emulators" is in effect, will now only attack the player that caused the monster to spawn. However, these monsters can be attacked by anyone (as long as the color of the name has not changed to purple).

The viral attacks used by certain Chains of Promathia monsters have new detrimental effects.

The maximum amount of experience that can be earned from a single battle has been increased to 250 for players from level 51-60, and to 300 for players from level 61-75. In accordance with this change, the maximum amount of experience that can be earned during EXP chains has also been increased.

The "Moogle Merit Management" system that was introduced in the July 2004 version update has been expanded.

Max HP / Max MP


[Combat Skills]
Hand-to-Hand Skill / Dagger Skill / Sword Skill / Great Sword Skill / Axe Skill / Great Axe Skill / Scythe Skill / Polearm Skill / Katana Skill / Great Katana Skill / Club Skill / Staff Skill / Archery Skill / Marksmanship Skill / Throwing Skill / Guarding Skill / Evasion Skill / Shield Skill / Parrying Skill

[Magic Skills]
Divine Magic Skill / Healing Magic Skill / Enhancing Magic Skill / Enfeebling Magic Skill / Elemental Magic Skill / Dark Magic Skill / Singing Skill / String Instrument Skill / Wind Instrument Skill / Ninjutsu Skill / Summoning Magic Skill

[Other Skills]
Enmity Increase / Enmity Decrease / Critical Hit Rate / Enemy Critical Hit Rate / Spell Interruption Rate

Only the skills which current level 75 job possess can be increased.
The attributes in each of the above five categories can only be raised a limited number of times. This is known as a “combination.”
Depending on his/her main job, raising combat skill may not necessarily allow a player to use certain weapon skills, which can be learned through quests.

For more detailed information on Moogle Merit Management, select "Game Guide" from the FINAL FANTASY XI top page and read the “Merit Points” section located in the manual under "Game Basics."

The effect of Enhancing Magic will wear off upon entering areas with level restriction or battlefields related to those areas.

Players will now receive experience points when fighting monsters in level-restricted areas (this only applies when fighting in the new Chains of Promathia areas). The amount earned per battle will be calculated using the following two methods, with the player receiving the higher total of the two:
(a) EXP calculations made based on current party level and number of party members * 0.5
(b) EXP calculations made based on actual party level (before level was restricted) and number of party members * 1.0

EXP chain bonuses are based on the party level before the restriction.
When in merit point accumulation mode, all EXP earned in this fashion will be changed to limit points.

When a player is KO'd while in a level-restricted area, the amount of EXP lost is determined by the player's level after entering the area.

The MP cost for the white magic spell Dia II has been reduced from 59 to 30.

The MP costs for the black magic spells Bio and Bio II have been reduced from 22 and 66 to 15 and 36, respectively. In addition, the amount of damage caused by the spells will now be affected by the caster’s dark magic skill. This adjustment also affects the damage caused by Bio III (used only by monsters).

"Scythe" has been added to a black mage's combat skills. Black mages will now be able to equip certain new weapons.

The skillchain element of the dagger weapon ability "Evisceration" has been changed.

The recast time for the paladin ability "cover" has been lowered from 5 minutes to 3.

The level required for paladins to use the white magic spell "Raise" has been lowered from 75 to 50.

The area of effect for bard "etudes" has been changed to "single party member." Also, the casting time of these songs has been substantially reduced.

The casting time of the bard song "Goddess's Hymnus" has been reduced.

The effectiveness of the ninjutsu "Utsusemi" now relies on the type of attack that is being used on the caster. When attacked, the following five outcomes can occur:

Caster evades attack and one "copy image" is lost.
This normally occurs when the caster is hit with a single physical or magical attack.

The number of lost copy images varies.
This normally occurs when the caster is hit with an area attack such as Whirl of Rage. The number of copy images lost (and extra damage taken) is calculated by taking into account the potency of the attack as well as the caster's current ninjutsu skill level.

All copy images are lost and the caster takes damage.
This normally occurs when the caster is hit with an area attack spell such as Firega.

The caster takes damage without losing any of his/her copy images.
This normally occurs when the caster is hit with breath, or self-destruct type attacks.

The caster is enfeebled without losing any of his/her copy images.
This normally occurs when the caster is hit with an enfeebling spell that does not inflict damage, such as Silence.
All enemy attacks fall into one of the above categories.

The copy images created by the spells Blink and Aerial Armor can also be removed in the same manner as that explained under "the number of lost copy images varies" (above).

The dragoon weapon skill "Wheeling Thrust" has been enhanced.

Dragoons are now able to equip select throwing weapons.

When a dragoon uses the "Super Jump" ability during a battle, now his/her wyvern will also perform a super jump, preventing the monster from attacking the pet. However, this jump will not affect the wyvern's enmity.

Avatars can now participate in skillchains and magic bursts by carefully timing the use of the ability "Blood Pact."

The damage and accuracy of several avatar attacks have been adjusted.

The macro command <pettp> can be used to view a pet, wyvern, or avatar’s current TP.
The charmed pet’s TP decreasing, while it is not in the combat mode, is by design.

Avatar TP will now affect the damage of select magical Blood Pact attacks. Just as with normal player TP, after the attack, the avatar's TP will be reset to zero. Avatar TP does not affect physical, enhancing, or enfeebling Blood Pact techniques, and thus will not be lost after an avatar uses one of these abilities.

It is necessary to defeat the monster's wyvern to complete the orb battle, "Amphibian Assault" successfully. The "Amphibian Assault" can be accessed from Sacrificial Chamber by using the Moon Orb.


Two new types of weapons and armor--"enchanted" and "dispensing"--have been added.

1 -> The item's "charge" number
This number indicates how many times a player can use the item's special properties.
Example: 28/30 shows the item's special properties have been used twice out of a total of 30 times.
Note: Only fully "charged" items can be placed on auction.

2 -> Counter
The moment an enchanted or dispensing item is equipped or used, this timer begins to count down. When it has reached zero, the player will be able to activate the item's special properties.
To activate these properties, select the equipment from the item menu and "use" it.

3 -> Recast Time
The amount of time required to reuse the item's special properties.

4 -> Equip Delay
The amount of time a player must wait after equipping the item until he/she can activate its special properties.

Mission Rank 10 conquest items are now available. These cannot be obtained from the Ducal Guards in Jeuno.

New vendors selling specialty goods from new regions have appeared in Windurst, San d'Oria, and Bastok.

Several shops are now offering new items.

A number of new items, weapons, and armor have been introduced.

The buying price for Padded Caps has been adjusted.

An issue where players wearing cursed armor would "intimidate" themselves has been addressed.

Players can now revoke their "craftsman" (or above) status by talking to a guildmaster when the following conditions are met:
1) The crafting skill at that guild is over 60.
2) The crafting skill at that guild is the highest of all the player's skills.
3) The player is a registered craftsman in at least one other guild.
If the player chooses to revoke his/her status in a certain guild, his/her rank will automatically be lowered to "journeyman" and his/her skill lowered to 60.

Several new synthesis recipes have been added.

The chance of catching "rusty caps" while fishing has been adjusted in several areas.

New bait/lures have been added.

Damage calculation of the following weapons has been adjusted. Damage will now be more directly related to the attacker's STR and the defender's VIT.

Musketeer's sword +1 / Musketeer's sword +2 / Musketeer Gun +1 / Musketeer Gun +2 / Musketeer's Pole +1 / Musketeer's Pole +2 / Royal Knight Army Lance +1 / Royal Knight Army Lance +2 / Temple Knight Army Sword +1 / Temple Knight Army Sword +2 / Tactician Magician's Espadon +1 / Tactician Magician's Espadon +2 / Tactician Magician's Hooks +1 / Tactician Magician's Hooks +2 / Tactician Magician's Wand +1 / Tactician Magician's Wand +2 / Rune Blade / Rune Axe / Rune Staff / Rune Bow / Rune Chopper / Rune Rod / Rune Halberd / Iron-splitter / Iron-splitter +1 / Kanesada +1 / Shinkanesada / Platoon Zaghnal / Mutilator / Manoples / Manoples +1 / Orichalcum Dagger / Triton's Dagger / Verdun / Verdun +1 / Wind Fan / Kilo Fan / Mega Fan / Caduceus / Fukuro / HibariHibari +1 / Muketsu / Muketsu +1 / Kheten / Kheten +1 / Faussar / Faussar +1 / Barchha / Barchha +1 / Kyofu / Kyofu +1 / Keppu / Keppu +1 / Gust Claymore / Gust Claymore +1 / Gust Sword / Gust Sword +1 / Gust Tongue / Gust Tongue +1 / Rune Arrow / Platoon Dagger / Platoon Sword / Platoon Axe / Platoon Lance / Ganko / Gunromaru / Platoon Cesti / Platoon Edge / Platoon Cesti / Platoon Mace / Platoon Zaghnal / Platoon Bow / Platoon Gun / Platoon Cutter / Platoon Spatha / Platoon Disc / Tourney Patas / Meteor Cesti / Balan's Sword / Balin's Sword / Raifu / Gawaine's Axe / Light Boomerang / Nokizaru Shuriken / Mantra Coin / Optical Needle / Nazar Bonjuk / Kakanpu / Behourd Lance / Schwarz Lance / Dreizack / Schiltron Spear / Mutilator / Havoc Scythe / King Maker / Calveley's Dagger / Jongleur's Dagger / Stylet / Argent Dagger / Thanatos Baselard / Taillefer's Dagger / Leopard Axe / Woodville's Axe / Kriegsbeil / Harlequin's Horn / Kagehide / Omokage / Shinsoku / Ohaguro / Sairen / Unsho / Unji / Dusky Staff / Himmel Stock / Archalaus's Pole / Somnus Signa / Grim Staff / Capricorn Staff / Zen Pole / Wyvern Perch / Sealed Mace / Purgatory Mace / Shikar Bow / Armbrust / Grosveneur's Bow / Ziska's Crossbow / Grudge Sword / Guespiere / Bayard's Sword / Buzzard Tuck / De Saintre's Axe / Military Gun / Military Pole / Military Harp / Military Pick / Military Spear / Military Axe / Mighty Bow / Mighty Cudgel / Mighty Pole / Mighty Talwar / Rai Kunimitsu / Nukemaru / Mighty Pick / Mighty Knife / Mighty Zaghnal / Mighty Lance / Mighty Axe / Mighty Patas / Mighty Sword / Bourdonasse / Angel Lyre / Honebami / Prelatic Pole / Princely Sword


Players now have the option to jump directly to the FINAL FANTASY XI top page when starting up the PlayOnline Viewer. To do this the following steps must be taken:
PlayStation®2 users -> Placing the FINAL FANTASY XI: Chains of Promathia disc in the tray when starting the viewer will take a player directly to the FINAL FANTASY XI top page.
Windows users -> Double-clicking the FINAL FANTASY XI desktop shortcut will take players into the PlayOnline Viewer. By adjusting "shortcut commands" within the viewer's main menu, a player can choose to have the FINAL FANTASY XI desktop shortcut take him/her directly to the FINAL FANTASY XI top page.
By using the new text command /shutdown, players can log out of FINAL FANTASY XI and the PlayOnline Viewer simultaneously. This command will shut down a PlayStation®2 user's console, while it will take a Windows user back to his/her desktop.

The following terms have been added to the auto-translate function.

Category Word/Phrase
Titles Theologian
Titles Cardinal
Text Commands /lsmes
Text Commands /shutdown
Location Rear
Place Names Manaclipper
Place Names Bibiki Bay
Place Names Attohwa Chasm
Place Names Boneyard Gully
Place Names Pso'Xja
Place Names The Shrouded Maw
Place Names Uleguerand Range
Place Names Bearclaw Pinnacle
Place Names Oldton Movalpolos
Place Names Newton Movalpolos
Place Names Mine Shaft #2716
Place Names Tavnazian Safehold
Place Names Lufaise Meadows
Place Names Misareaux Coast
Place Names Sealion's Den
Place Names Phomiuna Aqueducts
Place Names Sacrarium
Place Names Riverne - Site #B01
Place Names Riverne - Site #A01
Place Names Monarch Linn
Place Names Promyvion - Holla
Place Names Spire of Holla
Place Names Promyvion - Dem
Place Names Spire of Dem
Place Names Promyvion - Mea
Place Names Spire of Mea
Place Names Promyvion - Vahzl
Place Names Spire of Vahzl
Place Names Phanauet Channel
Place Names Carpenters' Landing
Place Names Hall of Transference
Equipment Parts main
Equipment Parts sub
Equipment Parts range
Equipment Parts ammo
Equipment Parts head
Equipment Parts neck
Equipment Parts L.ear
Equipment Parts R.ear
Equipment Parts body
Equipment Parts hands
Equipment Parts L.ring
Equipment Parts R.ring
Equipment Parts back
Equipment Parts waist
Equipment Parts legs
Equipment Parts feet

After the Chains of Promathia expansion pack has been installed, new BGM will play at the opening screen. After repeating several times, the BGM returns to the older version.

Certain auction house messages have been adjusted.

[Windows Version Only]

Under the "Global" tab in the FINAL FANTASY XI Configuration Tool, a new feature allowing the creation of a desktop shortcut directly to the FINAL FANTASY XI top page has been added.