Oct. 7, 2004 (JST*) Update Details
*Japan Standard Time

New Promathia missions have been added.

Players undertaking the Promathia mission "The Savage" will now be able to proceed from Riverne - Site #A01 to Monarch Linn. However, it will not be possible to enter the battlefield for "The Savage" unless Monarch Linn has been accessed from Riverne - Site #B01.

In the quest "All by Myself," the status of "Invisible" will be canceled while the level restriction is in effect. Also, an issue during the quest where other parties were unable to attack monsters that the NPC had disengaged has been addressed.

The effect of the monster ability to draw in opponents has been extended to include pets, avatars, and wyverns.

An issue in level restricted areas concerning level 75 characters gaining limit points regardless of the accumulation mode setting has been addressed.

An issue in level restricted areas concerning the number of experience points gained being calculated incorrectly when high-level party members are KO’d has been addressed. All other instances of the number of experience points gained in special circumstances being incorrectly calculated have also been addressed.

The amount of time that elapses before certain monsters and NMs reappear after being defeated has been altered in several areas. No changes have been made for monsters that only appear after a certain condition has been met.

The coordinates where a characters appears after using the black magic spell "Escape" has been changed for the following areas:
Promyvion – Vahzl/Spire of Vahzl

The type of monsters appearing in several areas has been changed.

The location of several monsters in the following areas has been altered:
Uleguerand Range/Attohwa Chasm/King Ranperre's Tomb

PCs and NPCs in battle, or the currently targeted PC/NPC have been given display priority.

An issue where crystals could be obtained from monsters that do not yield experience points while wearing the Kingdom Aketon, Republic Aketon, or the Federation Aketon has been addressed.

Adjustments will be made to the length of time the "Memory Stream" remains active in the following areas:
Promyvion – Holla/Promyvion – Mea/Promyvion – Dem/Promyvion – Vahzl

An issue concerning parts of the Oldton Movalpolos area that could be accessed by means not normally possible has been addressed.

The names of the following dark stalker monsters in Lufaise Meadows have been changed:
Formor Monk -> Fomor Monk
Formor Black Mage -> Fomor Black Mage
Formor Summoner -> Fomor Summoner

Item drop rates for monsters in the Chains of Promathia areas have been adjusted.

Guild members now reveal synthesis recipes that have previously been kept secret.

The purchase price for the following items has been adjusted:
Antlion Jaw/Bugard Skin/Bugard Leather

The item "antacid" is now stackable. The number of these items producable by synthesis has also been adjusted accordingly

It will no longer be possible to unequip “Enchanted” or “Dispensing” items during use.

The following item name has been changed:
"Shade Spats" -> "Shade Leggings"

An issue concerning a difference in the color of certain text between the Windows version and the PlayStation2 version has been addressed.

The previous cursor position will no longer be remembered by the "Refined Search Option Menu."

An issue where a "polboot.exe" error was detected when performing a FINAL FANTASY XI file check on the PlayOnline Viewer has been addressed. (Windows version only.)