Dec. 9, 2004 (JST*) Update Details
*Japan Standard Time


A sixth Gobbiebag quest has been added. Please note that the previous Gobbiebag quest must be completed before the new one will trigger.

Supply quests and regional teleportation to the Tavnazian Archipelago are now available.

Shortcuts into Promyvion – Vahzl for those who have partially or fully completed the Promathia mission have been added.

The longer a player remains in the same area, the more difficult it will become to obtain certain items through logging and mining.

A mage from Windurst's Orastery has been dispatched to Jeuno.

Several new quests and events have been added to the Promathia areas.

The Bastok quest "All By Myself" can now be played regardless of whether or not one has the Chains of Promathia expansion pack installed.

The level restriction for the Tavnazia quest "The Big One" has been raised from 40 to 45.

The Old Sabertooth that plays a part in the quest "The Fanged One" will now only appear after a player has targeted the set of tiger bones in the Sauromugue Champaign.
In addition, the Old Sabertooth will no longer drop any items.

Only players who have accepted the quest "Hook, Line, and Sinker" will be able to fish the monster in Qufim that drops the Egret fishing rod.

A new reward for completing the quest "Tuning Out" has been added.

The contents of the treasure coffers in Castle Oztroja have been changed. Accordingly, certain items will now be obtainable through different methods.

Weather coverage has now expanded to Chains of Promathia areas.

Players can now only target the Brass Statue in Castle Oztroja for a limited amount of time.

Monsters can now be caught while fishing in all areas of Qufim and the Buburimu Peninsula.

Several events previously unavailable for replay through town bards, etc. have been added to the replay list.


The following changes have been made to Ballista.
The following match types are area-specific:
All or Nothing (one match) * Normal Items Restricted: Jugner Forest
Best of Three (three matches) * Normal Items Restricted: Pashhow Marshlands
Best of Three (three matches) * Normal Items Allowed: Meriphataud Mountains
However, please note that items such as arrows, bullets, and projectiles are allowed in all areas.

A new "temporary item" system has been added.
Items that are dug up using the /quarry command can now be stored in one's inventory for the duration of the current Ballista match (set of matches). These items can be used at any time, but will be collected by the presiding Herald at the conclusion of the match.

Only one type of each temporary item can be held at a time. If a player happens to dig up an item he/she already possesses, it must be used immediately or thrown away.

A new point system for rating Ballista participants on their performance has been introduced.
Players will earn and lose "Ballista Points" for their various actions on the battlefield. These points can then be traded for vouchers that are automatically exchanged for temporary items during future matches.

Players will now build up a resistance to bards' lullabies after having the spell repeatedly cast on them.


The following orb battles have been added:

Orb Trade Item Battlefield Battle Name Restrictions
Comet orb 50 beastmen's seals Horlais Peak Eye of the Tiger Level 50
15 minutes
3 members
Waughroon Shrine The Final Bout Level 50
3 minutes
3 members
Balga's Dais Rapid Raptors Level 50
15 minutes
3 members
Qu'Bia Arena An Awful Autopsy Level 50
15 minutes
3 members
Moon orb 60 beastmen's seals Horlais Peak Shots in the Dark Level 60
15 minutes
3 members
Waughroon Shrine Up in Arms Level 60
15 minutes
3 members
Balga's Dais Wild Wild Whiskers Level 60
15 minutes
3 members
Qu'Bia Arena Celery Level 60
15 minutes
3 members
Atropos orb 30 Kindred's seals Horlais Peak Contaminated Colosseum No Level Restriction
30 minutes
6 members
Waughroon Shrine Prehistoric Pigeons No Level Restriction
30 minutes
6 members
Balga's Dais Moa Constrictors No Level Restriction
30 minutes
6 members
Lachesis orb 30 Kindred's seals Horlais Peak Today's Horoscope No Level Restriction
30 minutes
6 members
Waughroon Shrine Operation Desert Swarm No Level Restriction
30 minutes
6 members
Balga's Dais Royale Ramble No Level Restriction
30 minutes
6 members
Clotho orb 30 Kindred's seals Horlais Peak Double Dragonian No Level Restriction
30 minutes
6 members
Waughroon Shrine Copycat No Level Restriction
30 minutes
6 members
Balga's Dais Seasons Greetings No Level Restriction
30 minutes
6 members

*Several gameplay issues have been discovered in the following three orb battles:
The Final Bout / Today's Horoscope / Moa Constrictors
Implementation of the battles will be delayed until the issues have been addressed. Please check upcoming news for further details.

If all party members' HP remain at zero for a set amount of time, the party will be removed from the battlefield.

The conditions for certain notorious monsters to appear, as well as the drop rates for the items they carry, have been adjusted.

Several new notorious monsters have been added to the Chains of Promathia areas.

The following adjustments have been made in Promyvion – Holla, Promyvion – Mea, Promyvion – Dem, and Promyvion – Vahzl:
Monster placement changes
Monster movement pattern changes
Monster level adjustments
Monster item drop changes
Memory stream appearance rates

An issue allowing the removal of the "HP Max Down" and "MP Max Down" effects with holy water or the spell Cursna has been addressed.

A new thief job trait that increases the agility bonus of the ability "Trick Attack" has been added.
This trait is called "Assassin."

The effects of select high- and low-level etudes have been adjusted.
High-level etudes will now raise a player's attributes considerably more than before. However, the enhancement will gradually wear off with time.

The dragoon job ability "Spirit Link" will now not only heal a pet wyvern's wounds, but also cure it of detrimental status effects such as poison.

A pet wyvern's breath attacks can now be used to produce magic bursts. However, only an accuracy bonus will be rewarded if the MB is successful.

An accuracy bonus is now rewarded when using "Blood Pact" attacks during magic bursts.

The strength of physical "Blood Pact" attacks will not increase as much when fighting enemies considerably weaker than the summoner. The damage ratio when fighting stronger enemies has not been adjusted.

The variety of items that can be dug up using the "Scavenge" ability has been increased.

The Goblin Archaeologists that are found in the Konschtat Highlands, Tahrongi Canyon, and on the La Theine Plateau can now see through the thief ability "Hide."

The additional Stun effect of certain weapons will no longer activate in succession.
However, it is still possible to repeatedly inflict the effect on a monster through magic spells and weapon skills.


The transaction fee for items put up on auction is now based on the seller's asking price. The formulas for calculating the transaction fee are listed below.

Jeuno auction houses:
Single item fee = 2% of the seller's asking price +100 gil.
Stacked item fee = 1% of the seller's asking price +400 gil.

Other auction houses:
Single item fee = 1% of the seller's asking price +1 gil.
Stacked item fee = 0.5% of the seller's asking price +4 gil.

In accordance with these adjustments, new messages will be displayed when putting items up on auction. Be sure to confirm these messages before completing a transaction.

The duration and effect of several foods have been adjusted.

Limits have been introduced to certain statuses that are affected by consuming meals and drinks. Those statuses are as follows:
attack/ranged attack/defense/accuracy/ranged accuracy/HP/MP

These limits vary with the type of food, as well as the consumer's job and level. We suggest trying many different combinations to see which foods are most effective in different situations.

Effect Types
The effects of most of the foods in FINAL FANTASY XI have been adjusted and categorized by type.
Please note that this categorization will not affect the listing of foods on auction.

Meat dishes
Mainly improve attributes such as STR, attack, and ranged attack.
Example: Grilled hare

Mainly improve attributes such as DEX and accuracy.
There are also some types of sushi that improve ranged accuracy.
Example: Carp sushi

Fish dishes
Mainly improve DEX.
There are also some dishes that improve accuracy and ranged accuracy.
Example: Salmon sub

Seafood dishes (other than fish)
Mainly improve defense.
Example: Boiled crab

Mainly raise maximum HP.
(The effects of most cereals did not require adjusting.)
Example: Roasted corn

Vegetable dishes
Mainly raise AGI and ranged accuracy.
Example: Pea soup

Mushroom dishes
Mainly raise MND, maximum MP, and lower enmity.
Example: Roast mushrooms

Mainly raise INT and maximum MP.
(The effects of most pies did not require adjusting.)
Example: Apple pie

Snack foods
Mainly raise amount of HP and MP healed when resting.
The effect duration of snack foods has been reduced to three minutes; however, synthesis production quantities, as well as maximum stack quantities, have been increased.
Example: Garlic cracker

Sweets (other than pies and snack foods)
Mainly raise maximum MP.
Example: Snoll gelato

Mainly refresh MP.
(The effects of most drinks did not require adjusting.)
Example: Pineapple juice

There are foods that do not fall into any of the above categories. These items have effects that may differ from those items listed here.

Duration of Effect
The duration of most food effects have been adjusted based on the dish's new categorization.

3 minutes:
Snack foods (crackers, etc.)

5 minutes:
High-quality snack foods, raw meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables

30 minutes:
Stackable (12) dishes

1 hour:
Stackable (12) high-quality dishes

3 hours:
Unstackable dishes (not including drinks)

4 hours:
Unstackable high-quality dishes

The "enhances effect of rice balls" attribute found on certain equipment has been enhanced.

The graphics of select throwing weapons have been altered.

The icon graphics for the following items have been changed:
Jusatsu/Kaginawa/Sairui-Ran/Kodoku/Shinobi-Tabi/Mighty Bow

The stack number for several select items has been increased.
In accordance with these adjustments, the buying and selling prices of the aforementioned items have also been changed.

Item Before   After
Rolanberry Pie 1 >> 12
Rolanberry Pie +1 1 >> 12
Pamama Tart 1 >> 12
Opo-opo Tart 1 >> 12
Ginger Cookie 12 >> 99
Coin Cookie 12 >> 99
Wild Cookie 12 >> 99
Acorn Cookie 12 >> 99
Spicy Cracker 12 >> 99
Red Hot Cracker 12 >> 99
Garlic Cracker 12 >> 99
Garlic Cracker +1 12 >> 99
Goblin Chocolate 12 >> 99
Hobgoblin Chocolate 12 >> 99
Bretzel 12 >> 99
Cinna-cookie 12 >> 99
Wizard Cookie 12 >> 99
Salmon Rice Ball 1 >> 12
Naval Rice Ball 1 >> 12
Broiled Pipira 1 >> 12
Broiled Carp 1 >> 12
Broiled Trout 1 >> 12
Broiled Eel 1 >> 12
Party Egg 1 >> 12

Players can now receive their reward immediately after trading anima to Harith in the quest "Empty Memories."

The effect duration of the item "yellow liquid" when used in the Chains of Promathia mission (chapter 2) has been increased.

Hippogryph tail feathers can now be traded.

Players can now possess more than one "mistmelt."

The number of items required to obtain a mistmelt in the quest "Fly High" has been reduced.

The number of items required to obtain a pinch of Shu'Meyo salt in the quest "Bombs Away" has been reduced.

The equip slot for the following items has been changed from "Waist" to "Back":
Ether Tank/Water Tank/Potion Tank

The buying price for the following items has been adjusted:
Black Sole/Silver Shark/Bastore Bream


By pressing the Enter key on the keyboard or the confirm button on the controller while viewing the "Price History" of an item on auction, a player can display the date and time of sale, the unabbreviated buyer and seller names, and the sale price in the log window.

The order of messages that appear when using the /nominate, /vote, and /propose commands has been adjusted.

The chat filter has been expanded to include NPCs.

NPC Filter
Previously, all PCs and NPCs (monsters included) not in a player's party or alliance were treated as "others." However, with the addition of the NPC category in the chat filter, players can now toggle on and off the display of text relating to the actions of other PCs, without filtering NPC actions (and
vice versa).

Pet Filter
Messages regarding the actions of a player's pet are now categorized with the actions of his/her master. To filter the pet messages from a party member, a player would have to use the party filter options. However, to filter the pet messages of a non-party/alliance member PC, the player must use the NPC filters. This type of usage may be changed in a future patch.

Filter Accuracy
The accuracy of the existing chat filters has been improved. This has been achieved by assigning priority levels to different types of PCs and NPCs.

For example, previously, when a member of a player's party cast a spell on another member of the party, the "Effects of special actions on party" filter would not cover up the spell message; it could be filtered using "Effects of special actions on others." However, now that character priority levels have been introduced, this anomaly no longer occurs.

Also, HP recovery messages are now covered by the "Effects of special actions" filters.