Feb. 24, 2005 (JST*) Changes to Ballista
*Japan Standard Time

[Additions and Changes]

The following adjustments have been made to Ballista :

-When subjected to multiple castings during a match, players will gradually build a resistance
 to the black magic spells Gravity and Bind, and the white magic spell Silence. The resistance
 to the bard song Lullaby has been adjusted to match these changes.
 Resistance to these spells can be built up from the beginning of the match, or directly after  recovering at the camp.

-The maximum duration of all sleep effects has been limited to 45 seconds.

-As in normal battles, the additional Stun effect of weapons will not activate for a certain
 period of time against targets that have just recovered from Stun.

-The warrior job ability Provoke has been enhanced.

-TP will be reset at the following times :
 At the beginning of a match (at the beginning of each match in the case of Best of Three).
 After recovering at camp.
 When changing areas.
 When logging out.

-During a match, monsters will become invisible to participants. Beastmaster pets will
 remain visible, as normal.

-In areas where normal items cannot be used (Pashhow Marshlands), the maximum number of
 temporary items that can be carried has been increased from 10 to 15.

-5 new temporary items have been added :
 Petra Eater
 Catholicon +1
 Lethe Water
 Lethe Water +1

-The location of the camps in the Pashhow Marshlands and the Meriphataud Mountains has
 been changed.

-After recovering at camp, players will be considered to be "preparing for battle," and will be
 granted the effects of Invisible and Sneak.

-The wait time for reusing the Sprint command has been reduced.

-A “Ballista Point Ranking” ranking system has been introduced. However, this system will not
 be active at the time of the version update. Further details will be announced in a separate
 news item.

[ Ballista Point Ranking ]

The Ballista Point Ranking system ranks participants from the last 10 matches based on the highest number of Ballista points gained in a single match. (Results from before the latest 10 matches will be erased from the ranking.)


Ranks and Rewards
Players in the top 10 of the overall ranking, and also the highest scorer for each job type, will be rewarded with the "chevrons" and titles listed below :

Ranking Key Item Title
1st Gold Ballista chevron Gold Balli☆☆☆☆star
2nd Mythril Ballista chevron Mythril Balli☆☆☆star
3rd Silver Ballista chevron Silver Balli☆☆star
4 - 10th Bronze Ballista chevron Bronze Balli☆star

Job Key Item Title
Warrior Bloody Ballista chevron Searing★Star
Monk Orange Ballista chevron Striking★Star
White mage White Ballista chevron Soothing★Star
Black Mage Black Ballista chevron Sable★Star
Red Mage Red Ballista chevron Scarlet★Star
Thief Green Ballista chevron Sonic★Star
Paladin Sparking Ballista chevron Saintly★Star
Dark Knight Ebon Ballista chevron Shadowy★Star
Beastmaster Furry Ballista chevron Savage★Star
Bard Brown Ballista chevron Singing★Star
Ranger Ochre Ballista chevron Sniping★Star
Samurai Jade Ballista chevron Slicing★Star
Ninja Transparent Ballista chevron Sneaking★Star
Dragoon Purple Ballista chevron Spearing★Star
Summoner Rainbow Ballista chevron Summoning★Star

Key Item "Chevron"
Wearing a chevron during a Ballista match will automatically change a player's current title. Outside of a match, it is possible to revert to this title by talking to a certain NPC. Also, while wearing a chevron, players will be able to trade Ballista Points for temporary items not available to all players.

[ Limitations on Chevrons ]
-Chevrons are only valid for one half Vana’diel year (one week Earth time). After that time,
 players must return the chevron before being allowed to participate in any further matches.

-It is only possible to wear one chevron at a time.
 If, for example, a player is first in the overall ranking, as well as ranking first for a specific
 job type, the player must choose which chevron to receive. It is also possible to refuse to
 accept a chevron in preference of one currently worn.
 Although only one chevron can be received at a time, the number and types of chevrons
 earned will be recorded in your results.

-A player can check the number of chevrons accumulated to date by talking to a Marshal.
 Also, "checking" other players during a match will reveal the number of chevrons they have

Signing up for Ballista Ranking
Players can sign up for Ballista Ranking by talking to the Marshal in the area after a match.

[ Ballista Ranking Registration ]
-Players who have not registered will not be considered in the ranking.
-After a match, players have 4 Vana’diel hours (about 10 minutes Earth time) to register
 their results.

* Please note that the ranking list cannot be viewed during the registration period.

-After the registration period has ended, you must view the ranking list within 4 Vana’diel
 days (4 hours Earth time) to receive your final assessment and any rewards you have earned.

Ranking List
You can view the entire Ballista Ranking by speaking to the Marshal in Ru’Lude Gardens. However, as this Marshal may not have the most current data, players wishing to see the latest rankings are advised to talk to the Marshals stationed in each Ballista area.