Feb. 24, 2005 (JST*) ENM Quests
*Japan Standard Time

Empty Notorious Monster quests (ENM quests) are events that pit your skills against ferocious opponents in various battlefields. These battlefields can only be entered with a key item obtained by completing a quest given by a certain NPC.

ENM battlefields differ from regular battlefields in the following way :

-An orb is not required to enter an ENM quest battlefield.
-No experience will be lost when KO'd within these battlefields.
-Characters succeeding in an ENM battle will be rewarded with large amounts of experience,
 as well as unique items.

In an ENM quest, experience points (or Merit Points) and items are obtained when the armoury crate is opened.
These rewards will be forfeit in the below situations :

-A character is currently KO’d.
-A character is too far away from the armoury crate.
-A character is currently not in the party/alliance of the person who opened the armoury crate.

The amount of experience gained is not affected by the number of party members, so nothing is lost by waiting for the recovery of KO’d characters before opening the armoury crate.
Also, it is only possible to gain one level per battle, with any excess experience points being cut just before the amount needed to gain a second level.

Undertaking an ENM Quest
To participate in an ENM quest, it is necessary to first speak with the relevant NPC.
If a character meets certain requirements, the NPC will offer the ENM quest.

* Some NPCs offer several ENM quests.

After undertaking a particular ENM quest and entering the battlefield, regardless of the success or failure of the battle, five Earth days must pass before the same battlefield can be reentered.

Check the amount of time remaining before you can re-enter each battlefield by talking to the following NPCs :
Ophelia (Southern San d’Oria)
Gregory (Bastok Mines)
Istvan (Windurst Woods)
Moritz (Upper Jeuno)

Please note that some ENM quests use the same battlefield and cannot be undertaken while this restriction is in effect.
ENM quests that are connected to other battlefields can still be attempted.
* Battlefield reentry time begins counting down the moment a battlefield is entered.
* Battlefield reentry time can only be checked for ENM quests that you are currently
   eligible to undertake.
* Battlefields that exist in areas that become accessible by progressing in the Chains of
   Promathia story will become available as soon as those areas can be reached.

Key Items
Special key items are obtained after undertaking an ENM quest and fulfilling the conditions set by the relevant NPC.
Each ENM quest battlefield requires a specific key item for entry. Even if all six members of a party have undertaken the quest, each member must hold the relevant key item in order to enter the battlefield.

* These key items will be lost upon entering the battlefield.

The NPCs offering the ENM quests for each battlefield are as follows :
-Promyvion (Holla, Dem, Mea, Vahz)
 Venessa (Ru’Lude Gardens)
-Monarch Linn
 Morangeart (Tavnazian Safehold)
-The Shrouded Maw
 Ghebi Damomohe (Lower Jeuno)
-Mine Shaft #2716
 Twinkbrix (Oldton Movalpolos)
-Bearclaw Pinnacle
 Zebada (Uleguerand Range)
-Boneyard Gully
 Jakaka (Attohwa Chasm)

Battlefields for ENM Quests
Battlefields, battle names, and the corresponding limits are as follows :

Battlefield Battle Name Restrictions
Spire of Holla Simulant Level 30/ 30 minutes/ 6 members
Spire of Dem You Are What You Eat Level 30/ 30 minutes/ 6 members
Spire of Mea Playing Host Level 30/ 30 minutes/ 6 members
Spire of Vahz Pulling the Plug Level 50/ 30 minutes/ 6 members
Monarch Linn Bad Seed Level 40/ 30 minutes/ 6 members
The Shrouded Maw Test Your Mite Level 40/ 30 minutes/ 6 members
Mine Shaft #2716 Bionic Bug Level 75/ 30 minutes/ 6 members
Bearclaw Pinnacle Follow the White Rabbit Level 75/ 30 minutes/ 6 members
When Hell Freezes Over Level 75/ 15 minutes/ 6 members
Brothers Level 75/ 30 minutes/ 6 members
Holy Cow Level 75/ 30 minutes/ 6 members
Boneyard Gully Sheep in Antlion's Clothing Level 75/ 15 minutes/ 6 members