The Ultimate Screenshot Contest: Part 2
This month's theme is Things I Fear.

Thank you for all of your submissions!
After careful consideration, we've selected the winners listed below.

Nickname : Seighart(North America)
World : Phoenix
Place : Altepa Desert
Player's comment : Adventurers of Vana'diel underestimate the fury
that nature can unleash upon those who forget what real power is.
Reviewer's Comment : The approaching tornado...the desolate atmosphere of
Altepa Desert...the sunlight through the breaks in the clouds...all these
elements combine to arouse players'dread. This entry wins first prize for its
exceptional ability to instill fear.

The winning entry has been added as a greeting card to PlayOnline's Extras section under
"Greeting Card Download.

Nickname : Yoku(Japan)
World : Siren
Place : Fort Ghelsba
Player's comment :I became surrounded when I went to the depths of this place alone. I had a feeling of despair at this time.
Reviewer's Comment : Everyone has tasted the feeling of despair in Ghelsba. The haggard look of the ferocious Orc and the red effect create a nice harmony of atmosphere.

Nickname :Burli (North America)
World : Diabolos
Place : Gusgen Mines
Player's comment :Ghostly figures in upturned mine carts send a shiver of curiosity down my spine. What happened in these mines? What are their dark secrets, hidden in the past?
Reviewer's Comment : I was also stunned when I entered Gusgen Mines for the first time. We received several similar pictures, but this one is the most spine chilling. It really looks like a picture of a ghost...

Nickname :Sigma (North America)
World : Midgarsormr
Place : South Gustaberg
Player's comment :What I fear is no monster or beastman. What I fear is always close with death by its side. What I fear is myself.
Reviewer's Comment :This is a profound comment. Perhaps mastery of fear of yourself is required
in order to become a hero in Vana'diel.

Nickname : Lars(Japan)
World :Fenrir
Place : Castle Zvahl Baileys
Player's comment :Finally, the charge against the Shadow Lord! The view before the door is opened...the sun seen through the strange, violet mist...I feel the fear of the coming battle. However, my trustworthy and cheerful friends turn this feeling into the courage to fight. I will never forget this picture.
Reviewer's Comment : The fear before advancing into battle is all the stronger when the enemy is the Shadow Lord. The camera angle and the nice hues make this a beautiful shot.

Nickname : Ruffer(Japan)
World :Valefor
Place : Castle Zvahl Baileys
Player's comment :Demons linked during my very first attack on Zvahl! I still can't forget the fear to this day.

Reviewer's Comment : They attacked side by side, which seems almost ceremonial... It's easy to get lost in Castle Zvahl, so be careful everyone!

Nickname :Zhaki(North America)
World : Phoenix
Place : Tahrongi Canyon
Player's comment :This screenshot is creepy because it reminded me of how terrible the curse of the Undead is, forever watching, in undying servitude...
Reviewer's Comment :Take a closer look. Directly under the moon, a Skeleton is staring at you... Nooooooo!!

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