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After careful consideration, we've selected the winners listed below.

Nickname : Sanzoku-O (Japan)
World : Diabolos
Place : The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
Player's comment : The forest softly embraces a battle-weary heart.
Reviewer's comment : Featuring bold composition and beautiful sunlight cascading down on the trees, this entry wins the first prize by unanimous decision. Many players consider the Sanctuary of Zi'Tah their favorite place, but this picture best captures its grandeur and ethereal atmosphere.

The winning entry has been added as a greeting card to PlayOnline's Extras section under "Greeting Card Download."

Nickname : Lushipur(North America)
World : Fairy
Place : Qufim Island
Player's comment : Still searching for my beloved aurora...
Reviewer's comment : With the aurora filling the entire screen, this picture successfully evokes an otherworldly atmosphere.

Nickname : Gen(Japan)
World : Ifrit
Place : Jugner Forest
Player's comment :I like waterfalls, and this is the first waterfall I discovered in Vana'diel. Its beauty really impressed me.
Reviewer's comment : The waterfalls of Jugner Forest and Boyahda are popular spots. This picture possesses the great balance and beauty of fine art.

Nickname : Geniusowl(Japan)
World : Bismarck
Place : West Ronfaure
Player's comment : A place where the party can relax.
Reviewer's comment : Many people sent in screenshots of their parties, but we could almost hear the players' pleasant conversation in this one.

Nickname : Nick(North America)
World : Sylph
Place : Valkurm Dunes
Player's comment : I like this place, because there are no beaches like this where I live. When I come here, it feels like a dream come true.
Reviewer's comment : With the trees and the sunlight in the center, this looks just like a postcard.

Nickname : Hare(Japan)
World : Odin
Place : Pashhow Marshlands
Player's comment :Here are the marshlands on a fine, clear night. It was the first time I found the marshlands so beautiful.
Reviewer's comment : The Pashhow Marshlands are usually gloomy and make adventurers uneasy, so the photographer's ability to capture this fantasy atmosphere is impressive.

Nickname : Orbis(North America)
World : Fairy
Place : La Theine Plateau
Player's comment :I took this while first riding a chocobo, and it looks great!
Reviewer's comment : That was great timing--seeing a rainbow on La Theine Plateau while riding a chocobo for the first time. It is a very lovely shot. Stay tuned for details on the next contest!

Stay tuned for details on the next contest!

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