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In accordance with the decision of the board for International resolution through Non-Lethal Conflict, an event known as "Ballista" is to be introduced. The following details the concept of Ballista as explained by representatives of the three nations.


This event is based upon a training exercise employed by the royal Knights of San d'Oria. Competitors from each nation attempt to score the most points within a set time by throwing a stone, or "Petra," into a castle-like construction known as a "rook."

After confirming the schedule for Ballista, competitors register their participation though the "Herald," the referee for the event. Once the competitors have all gathered at the appointed place, the Herald declares the beginning of the match. The first thing competitors must do is find a Petra, several of which have been buried somewhere in the playing field by the Herald prior to the match.

Competitors who manage to find a Petra must then seek out a rook. However, rooks are not always open to a throw from a player. To open a rook, a competitor needs to achieve "Gate Breach" status by defeating a player from the opposing team. Once Gate Breach status has been achieved, the competitor is able to score points by throwing Petras into a rook. According to the rules of Ballista, the positions of the rooks change at regular intervals during the course of a match.

In other words, taking out members of the opposing team in an efficient manner plays an important role in Ballista. On the assumption that battles between adventurers will differ greatly from skirmishes with monsters, the Conflict Commanders of all three nations are counting on this experience to sharpen the combat ability of their nation's heroes.

During a match, competitors who are not in possession of Petras are able to use an ability to temporarily increase their movement speed, while players who have obtained a Petra gain access to an ability that allows them to search for rooks. Using these abilities effectively to find Petras, take down an opposing team member, then seek out a rook to score points in as little time as possible is the path to victory in the game of Ballista.