In our analysis of items, we looked at the popularity of auction house goods and the total numbers for relic-level equipment.

Let's begin with the auction house rankings.
The data clearly shows the very different trends to be found in the nations of San d'Oria, Bastok, Windurst, and Jeuno.

The frequent transactions of hides and skins in the San d'Orian auction house can be attributed to the existence of the Tanner's Guild in Southern San d'Oria, as well as the high population of sheep that inhabit the nearby areas of East and West Ronfaure and the La Theine Plateau. Also, Windurstian Tea leaves are difficult to obtain in San d'Oria due to their origin in far off Sarutabaruta, however the necessity for this ingredient in the creation of leather sees a large amount being imported to the San d'Orian auction house by those seeking to make a profit.
The popularity of the top-ranking moat carp, and the high-ranking ball of insect paste can be explained by the quest requirements for obtaining the Lu Shang's fishing rod. Moat carp make their way to San d'Oria from across Vana'diel, as more and more adventurers choose this profitable fish as a stepping-stone when raising fishing skill.

The Republic of Bastok is most notable for its trade in ores. The proximity of the Zeruhn Mines, as well as the accessibility of the Palborough Mines and Gusgen Mines plays a large part in the auction house trends of this industrial nation. Zinc ore owes its top place in the ranking to a quest used to raise Tenshodo fame. Other high-ranking items such as the rusty subligar and leggings are Norg quest requirements, showing how players have taken advantage of the connection between the auction houses of Bastok and Norg. Lastly, items used as synthesis materials in Bastokan guilds are often traded in large quantities, explaining the popularity of Quadav backplates and beehive chips.

The Federation of Windurst also sees a high percentage of synthesis materials on the auction house. In particular, bonecrafting items gathered from the Horutoto Ruins and the Maze of Shakhrami enjoy a lively trade. Giant femurs found on the dhalmels of Tahrongi Canyon and Buburimu Peninsula are also in high demand. Another characteristic of the Windurst auction house would have to be the large number of Yagudo bead necklaces won from the feathered beastmen wandering around the neighboring areas.

Jeuno is famous for the overwhelming amount of spider webs that pass though its auction house, a synthesis material that maintains a long history of being in high demand. Spider webs currently occupy the top rank, which can be attributed to the spiders living in the new areas adjacent to Al Zahbi. We would also like to draw attention to the Imperial coins and wamoura cocoons unique to the Aht Urhgan region. A single Imperial gold piece can be obtained by exchanging 1000 Imperial credits. The total number of gold pieces placed on auction would have required 42,930,000 Imperial credits to purchase. These figures clearly show how popular the new Aht Urhgan areas have become.

Overall, the item most often placed on auction is Yagudo drink. While relatively cheap to make, this beverage is prized for its Refresh effect and used by many on missions, in special battles, and even in normal experience parties.
Other popular items are also consumable goods that adventurers use on a daily basis.

[ Goods Most Placed On Auction ]

[ San d'Oria ] [ Bastok ]
Ranking Item Name Successful
1 Moat Carp 91.56%
2 Sheepskin 94.13%
3 Ram Skin 91.85%
4 Elm Log 92.02%
5 Zinc Ore 92.45%
6 Insect Ball 89.95%
7 Yagudo Drink 85.90%
8 Windurstian
Tea Leaves
9 Tiger Hide 88.96%
10 Dhalmel Hide 93.90%
Ranking Item Name Successful
1 Zinc Ore 95.87%
2 Iron Ore 92.17%
3 Quadav Backplate 94.30%
4 Beehive Chip 85.83%
5 Copper Ore 86.30%
6 Silver Ore 87.90%
7 Rusty Leggings 88.84%
8 Rusty Subligar 93.75%
9 Sheepskin 91.57%
10 Goblin Mask 98.07%
[Windurst] [Jeuno]
Ranking Item Name Successful
1 Yagudo Necklace 92.77%
2 Giant Femur 93.15%
3 Moat Carp 88.58%
4 Silk Thread 94.26%
5 Tarutaru Rice 83.04%
6 Spider Web 91.73%
7 Insect Ball 88.14%
8 Bone Chip 93.11%
9 Yagudo Drink 82.80%
10 Scorpion Claw 92.37%
Ranking Item Name Successful
1 Spider Web 98.10%
2 Yagudo Drink 95.65%
3 Silent Oil 88.61%
4 Hi-Potion 89.65%
5 Sole Sushi 87.71%
6 Squid Sushi 89.41%
7 Shihei 90.98%
8 Imperial Gold Piece 83.46%
9 Gigant Squid 89.66%
10 Wamoura Cocoon 92.37%

Next, we would like to discuss the highly sought after relic equipment that can be found in the Dynamis areas. These figures represent the total number of fourth, and final stage relics possessed by adventurers across every World.

There is a fair amount of disparity in numbers between the different types of weapons. The total number of fourth stage relics comes to 176, while the total for final stage relics comes to 218.

[ Relic Acquisition (4th stage and final stage) ]*All Worlds
Equipment Type Stage Relic Name Number
Hand-to-Hand Fourth Stage Caestus 16
Final Stage Spharai 13
Dagger Fourth Stage Batardeau 14
Final Stage Mandau 15
Sword Fourth Stage Caliburn 29
Final Stage Excalibur 36
Great Sword Fourth Stage Valhalla 4
Final Stage Ragnarok 7
Axe Fourth Stage Ogre Killer 3
Final Stage Guttler 1
Great Axe Fourth Stage Abaddon Killer 7
Final Stage Bravura 10
Scythe Fourth Stage Bec de Faucon 8
Final Stage Apocalypse 8
Polearm Fourth Stage Gae Assail 4
Final Stage Gungnir 5
Katana Fourth Stage Yoshimitsu 21
Final Stage Kikoku 30
Great Katana Fourth Stage Totsukanotsurugi 14
Final Stage Murakumo 10
Club Fourth Stage Gullintani 9
Final Stage Mjollnir 6
Staff Fourth Stage Thyrus 3
Final Stage Claustrum 1
Bow Fourth Stage Futatokoroto 9
Final Stage Yoichinoyumi 12
Gun Fourth Stage Ferdinand 4
Final Stage Annihilator 21
Instrument Fourth Stage Millennium Horn 12
Final Stage Gjallarhorn 21
Shield Fourth Stage Ancile 19
Final Stage Aegis 22
Total Fourth Stage 176
Final Stage 218