Treasures of Aht Urghan

Following the release of the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion disc, we have compiled three tables of data concentrating on some of the newly introduced features of the game: Aht Urhgan Mission Progression, Mercenary Rank Distribution, and Assault Mission Ranking.

≪Aht Urhgan Mission Progression≫

Out of the many players who have begun the Aht Urhgan missions, almost half have completed "A Mercenary Life," the last step currently available. We attribute this level of progression to the absence of difficult battles, and the desire to follow the antics of the unique characters encountered as the story unfolds.
The ability to participate in Assault missions must also play a big part in the large number of players that has reached the mission stage "President Salaheem."

[ Aht Urhgan Mission Progression ]
Mission Title Character Relative Percentage
Immortal Sentries 13.66%
President Salaheem 22.91%
Knight of Gold 10.24%
Confessions of Royalty 1.93%
Easterly Winds 2.27%
Westerly Winds 3.41%
A Mercenary Life 45.58%

≪Mercenary Rank Distribution≫

The number of players that has reached the rank of Private Second Class occupies around 75% of the mercenary population. As you can see, this is followed by the rank of Private First Class at 17.34%, and Superior Private at 7.08%
Considering the fact that this data was compiled only a month after the commencement of service for Treasures of Aht Urhgan, these numbers suggest a high level of interest and communication among adventurers.

[ Mercenary Rank Distribution ]
Mercenary Ranking Character Relative Percentage
Private Second Class 75.58%
Private First Class 17.34%
Superior Private 7.08%

≪Assault Mission Ranking≫

The most popular Assault mission to date is "Lamia No.13," followed by "Excavation Duty." Assuming familiarity with the mission strategy, the secret behind this popularity would have to be the relatively high chance for success, and the 4000 Assault Points received upon completion. This mission's top place in the chart can also be attributed to the extremely popular items available in exchange for Ilrusi Atoll Assault Points: the velocity earring, the garrulous ring, and the pahluwan khazagand.
In contrast, "Imperial Agent Rescue" has secured a high position in the ranking thanks to the element of luck that prevents its successful completion despite thorough preparation and planning. Many players attempt this mission over and over in an effort to raise their mercenary rank.

[ Assault Mission Ranking ]
  Area Name Assault Mission Rank
1 Ilrusi Atoll Lamia No.13 Private First Class
2 Lebros Cavern Excavation Duty Private Second Class
3 Mamool Ja Training Grounds Imperial Agent Rescue Private Second Class
4 Leujaoam Sanctum Leujaoam Cleansing Private Second Class
5 Periqia Seagull Grounded Private Second Class
6 Leujaoam Sanctum Orichalcum Survey Private First Class
7 Mamool Ja Training Grounds Preemptive Strike Private First Class
8 Periqia Requiem Private First Class
9 Lebros Cavern Lebros Supplies Private First Class
10 Lebros Cavern Troll Fugitives Superior Private