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A Little Goblin's Adventure

 2004.03.05Vol.4 I? And who the heck are you?
Who the heck am I? I'm...F...Fa...

Thickshell: "Fabmeister! We're back in Jeuno.
We were walking through the Rolanberry Fields when this gigantic Goobbue knocked you on the head. Don't you remember?"
That sounds slightly familiar...
Thickshell: "Oh, but there was nothing to worry about. I took care of that big lug."
Now why is that hard to believe...?

???: "Ah, you're awake."
Whoa, who's the lady? She's hotter than a plate of Kazham peppers.
Verena: "My name is Verena. I found you passed out in the Rolanberry Fields.
Your pet crab was hiding behind a nearby fruit basket."
Thickshell: "Um, his buddy. His bud-dy. And I wasn't hiding behind a fruit basket. It was a cart carrying fruit baskets... And I wasn't hiding behind it, I was...guarding it!"
Yeah. Next time try guarding your master, pet crab.
Verena: "I heard of your dream from Old Gob Muckvix."
"My dream? Dark skies, chilling wind, axe wielding hockey-masked maniacs..."

Verena: "Um...yes. Recently, there have been rumors around Jeuno of people who have been to a place like the one in your dream."
"So, what you're trying to tell me is that my dream came true? What does that make me--psycho or something?"
Verena: "I think it is called 'psychic,' and it is a very special ability. I fear that there may be some who are conspiring to use your powers for evil. You should leave Jeuno immediately, for your own safety."
Thickshell: "But we just got here! I haven't even had time to get my apron dry-cleaned!"
Verena: "Unless you want to be boiled and served to the Archduke, I suggest you make quickly for the airship docks. I have chartered a flight to Elshimo Island for you. From there, you can travel to the Yuhtunga Jungle."
"Elmo Island? Yoghurt Jungle?"
Verena: "The Outlands! There are fewer adventurers in those areas, so you should be out of danger."

"Gotcha, sweetcheeks. But just one question. Why are you being so nice to us? Don't tell me that you've fallen for the Fab (not that it would surprise me)."
Verena: "Those cute beady eyes, those grubby little hands, those floppy ears... You remind me of a Goblin I once knew..."
Ahhh... It sounds like this one's on the rebound!
Verena: "If you learn anything more about your dream, please come back and see me."
"I'll be back!" ...once she's gotten rid of that excess baggage. Fab doesn't need the extra competition.
Verena: "Awww, you're so cute. Be careful, now!"
Thickshell: "Hey, what about me? I'm cute, too, right? I have beady eyes. My claws are grubby, my ears are... Hey, Fabmeister! Wait up!"

So this is the airship... It's not that great.
Thickshell: "T-telll m-me when I can open m-my eyes..."

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