Announcing the Official Forum (03/04/2011)

We would like to take this opportunity to outline the official forum and the changes that are planned for existing official sites. The details of the forum itself will be made known at the time of launch.

Launch Date

March 8, 2011
The forum will initially be launched in beta version in order to test various features as well as server load. Although no limitations will be placed on the forum, features such as character data linking will be unavailable in the beginning. Furthermore, in the event that data becomes corrupted, posts may be rolled back by one day.

Forum Access

While login is not required to peruse the forum, those wishing to post comments and access other forum features must first log in with a Square Enix Account that has been linked to a PlayOnline ID. Please note that an active content ID for FINAL FANTASY XI will also be required.

*PlayOnline IDs cannot be used to log into the forum. Only those who have linked their PlayOnline ID to a Square Enix Account may access all forum features. For information on Square Enix Accounts, please refer to the following page:
*The use of a Square Enix Security Token is not a requirement.

Development and Operation Teams

Representatives from Development and Operation teams will be participating in forum discussions.

Forum Languages

The FINAL FANTASY XI Forum will be available in Japanese, English, French and German language versions. Players will be free to access any of these languages regardless of their Square Enix Account region.

Although forum support will be offered across the board, posts made by Development and Operation team representatives may not be available in all languages. Posts may first appear in a certain language to be translated at a later time. Posts pertaining to language-specific issues, however, may not receive a translation.

Changes upon Forum Launch

The following changes will be made to existing sites upon the forum's launch.

Official Website

Articles such as version update notices, future plans, and Development Team comments will instead be posted on the forum. The role of Topics and the official FINAL FANTASY XI Twitter account ( will shift to that of delivering version update details. The periodic FAQ articles, too, will be hosted on the forum.

General information and server maintenance announcements will initially be posted on both the official website and forum. However, they will eventually be consolidated in the forum in the future.

Official Twitter Account

The Official FINAL FANTASY XI Twitter account, launched simultaneously in Japanese and English as a venue to facilitate communication with players, will change its role and focus on delivering version update details. Sneak previews on future content and answers to frequently asked questions will instead be posted on the forum.

We hope that the official forum will thrive and become a veritable treasure trove of player discussion and community feedback. We look forward to hearing from you!