From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team
The Final Fantasy XI Team Answers Your Questions! (03/07/2011)

The FINAL FANTASY XI community is ever abuzz with discussion on in-game content. Today, the development and operations teams return to address some of our fans' most pressing questions and concerns in FAQ format.

Q: It seems to me Campaign hasn't been seeing much version update action lately, like a reliable if wrinkly veteran replaced by young blood on the battlefront. Are Campaign's glory days over, or are there still plans to breathe new life into the system?

A: We would like to reassure players that Campaign's leal service has not gone unnoticed, nor the fortitude born of experience that this grizzled veteran brings to the battlefield. Various adjustments are in the pipes for the trusty system, some of which are scheduled for the upcoming major version update.

Q: While new and more powerful gear have become a staple in each version update, at risk of sounding old-fashioned, I'd much rather continue donning the older equipment I've worked so hard to obtain. Ah, would that doing so could be not only sentimental, but practical as well...

A: We fully understand the fondness that adventurers develop for their painstakingly procured equipment, and intend to make such items augmentable via synergy. While the results will vary based on equipment level, upgraded gear can be expected to rise to a strength roughly equivalent to that of +1 Empyrean Armor, or +2 in the event of a high quality yield. Successfully augmented items will always boast improved stats, which can be overwritten or removed as desired. It will not be possible, however, to alter specific attributes only.

To allow for greater accessibility, minimum requirements will be set relatively low for the new recipes. Synergy skill only will be needed, meaning the entire process can be handled solo. While it is possible for less experienced synergists to perform the augmentation, the likelihood of high quality yields will increase proportionally to skill.

Q: While helping out the embattled survivors of Abyssea is reward enough for this altruistic adventurer, those I assist never seem to reward me with the Empyrean upgrade seals I seek. Is it just me or is there an imbalance in the rate of yield?

A: We have confirmed that the yield rate of the seals in question is uniform, and this has been verified in subsequent testing. As is the nature of probability, however, some deviation may occur in the short-term. We ask for your understanding in this matter, and fervently hope that you never cease lending your aid to the needy folk of Abyssea.

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