The History of Vana'diel

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Ancient Memories

Long, long ago, an ancient race, descended from the gods,
flourished in Vana'diel.
They traveled through the sky, extracted gold from stones,
and gave birth to grasslands across the world.

But one day,
they decided to build a pathway to the divine entrance of paradise.
Enraged by such a brazen display of insolence,
the holy gatekeeper destroyed their path and cast their homes to
the bottom of the sea.

Shortly thereafter,
the goddess Altana awakened and saw the ruin that had once been Vana'diel.
Saddened, She wept five divine tears.
When the five tears fell upon the earth,
they gave life to the five races of Vana'diel.

But the god Promathia saw this from His place in the shadows.
Promathia saw fit to condemn Her work,
cursing the people with eternal conflict amongst themselves.
He created terrible beasts and spread them across the world,
commanding them to fight the people of Vana'diel and occupy their minds.
Never again would they think to open the gate of the gods.

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